Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jan 27 2020

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Clues Answers
A jar with old writer? OPEN
Cultured city at the end of Caliphate URBANE
Egyptians sang out with a sense of religious reverence PIETY
Fishy type of starters with lobsters in ceviche that leaves a pungent aroma on the breath GARLIC
Frank is looked after by liberal OPENMINDED
Goes around getting the job done - it's a character builder GENE
Is removed from limousine's watery type of paintwork EMULSION
It's capable of bringing the viewers together to spy on informer EYECONTACT
It's not in mint sauce - that much is common sense ACUMEN
Jack in part of Sevastopol STOP
Katy did horrible thing - it causes them to drop like flies perhaps INSECTREPELLENT
Know all the old Irish people, for instance, around Limerick ORACLE
Looks after the boxers, among others, in the doghouse for going dancing KENNELCLUB
Megalomaniac releases income from Iberian port MALAGA
Clues Answers
Ned Eliot played with Erasure DELETION
Non-fictional rebellious characters from Thermopylae remembered REAL
Nutter in trouble providing a source of nourishment NUTRIENT
Old one suspects the local fool NOODLE
Popular writer of score INSCRIBE
Protest at college backed pitch by one committed to the house party DEMOCRAT
Sporting lady paid out solidly STRONGLY
Study by one of those in The House ROOM
Successful man loses the head with God-fearing type VICTORIOUS
Talking Heads and Spike presumably getting hammered PANELPIN
Throws light on alley, as characters in Strip Mall are back LAMP
Unnerve someone on the ramparts of Rathangan Castle RATTLE
Went one better than divorcee from old community retiring to Germany on Dutch border EXCEEDED
What one of those in Labour has to show for a lifetime in Rush? CAREER