Universal - Jan 26 2020

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Clues Answers
"Bam!" BOOYA
"Er, don't think so" UMNO
"Eww, stop sharing!" TMI
"Flower Myth" artist Paul KLEE
"Like ... uh ..." IMEAN
"Mamma ___!" MIA
Act with an invisible wall MIME
Barn baby OWLET
Becomes spongy, as wood ROTS
Big hunk SLAB
Burn the surface of SEAR
Cain's victim ABEL
Cara or Dunne IRENE
Certain Scandinavian SWEDE
Circus workers with chairs LIONTAMERS
Collectible in an album STAMP
College donation drive target, briefly ALUM
Cybercrime target: Abbr SSN
Dark 'n Stormy alcohol RUM
DEA agents, e.g FEDS
Dry spell SLUMP
Earnings-share link PER
F-Type auto seller (3 to 7) JAGUARDEALER
Far from flavorful BLAND
First lady before Mamie BESS
First-grade math problems SUMS
Ford or Washington ACTOR
Foundation spot? FACE
Frighten away SCAREOFF
Fusses ADOS
Gave the signal to CUED
Gilbert and Sullivan genre (see letters 5 to 7) COMICOPERA
Granola relative MUESLI
Hairstyle with twists BRAID
High-tech lock system (7 to 12) KEYLESSENTRY
Horned heavyweights RHINOS
Hospital fluids SERA
India neighbor NEPAL
Clues Answers
Intense cram session ALLNIGHTER
Intergalactic vessel STARSHIP
It generates interest LOAN
Its last three letters are another Greek letter THETA
Jack who ate no fat SPRAT
Like a cheetah FAST
Like older siblings, often BOSSY
Little bites or sips NIPS
Middle of QED ERAT
Mom's sisters AUNTS
Often-animated greeting ECARD
Old-fashioned garnish? (2 to 7) ORANGERIND
Pay attention to HEED
Piles and piles ALOT
Practice boxing SPAR
Rascal SCAMP
Run like Usain Bolt SPRINT
Rustic lodgings INNS
Ryan of "French Kiss" MEG
Seaweed whose name anagrams to "iron" NORI
Soccer legend who wore No. 10 PELE
Soccer shoe feature CLEAT
Somber verse ELEGY
Some "Futurama" beings, for short ETS
Special Forces hat BERET
Spice mix for ribs RUB
Spicy marinade ADOBO
Stock holders? POTS
Sushi eggs ROE
Tinky Winky's playmate LAALAA
Tokyo 2020 host country JAPAN
Trims off LOPS
Unwanted mice and such? EWASTE
Way into a garden GATE
___ de gallo PICO