L.A. Times Daily - Jan 26 2020

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Clues Answers
"Back in Black" band ACDC
"Bewitched" witch ENDORA
"Couldn't agree more" SOTRUE
"Do __ others ... " UNTO
"Doubt it" ILLBET
"Henry & June" diarist NIN
"Terrible" leader IVAN
"The Godfather" enforcer __ Brasi LUCA
'Tis the season XMAS
A and B, on LPs SIDES
Absinthe flavoring ANISE
An era may be confined to one DECADE
App for getting a hip escort? DIALUPMOD
Artful DEFT
Attack SETAT
Avoided unhappy consequences GOTAPASS
Basic diamond trio OUTS
Best Upset, e.g ESPY
Big bomb trials NTESTS
Big __ SUR
Bleeping official CENSOR
Blue SAD
Brainstorm IDEATE
Brilliant stroke COUP
Burt's Bees product BALM
Busy hosp. areas ERS
Camping treat SMORE
Car dealer's offering LEASE
Challenges for climbers CLIFFFACES
Cher and Che ICONS
Comedian Fields TOTIE
Copier supply unit REAM
Crimson rivals ELIS
Cristo Redentor city RIO
Currently TODAY
Curved fasteners UBOLTS
Cyber Monday sector ETAIL
Delicate fabric LACE
Early fur trader ASTOR
English glam rockers since the '70s SLADE
Entreaty PLEA
Explode GOOFF
Fails to understand CANTSEE
Feminist poet Lorde AUDRE
French border region ALSACE
French comics series set in Gaul in 50 BC ASTERIX
Freudian __ SLIP
Get around ELUDE
Glass of NPR IRA
Harmony ruiners SOURNOTES
High hybrid stat MPG
Historian's Muse CLIO
Home to most of the Silk Road ASIA
Hoops jump ball TIPOFF
Hurry, with "it" HOTFOOT
Illinois-to-Washington family OBAMAS
In a wily way SLYLY
Inflated accommodation AIRBED
Ingredient in OFF! DEET
It follows a guilty verdict SENTENCING
It's under Wayne Manor BATCAVE
Job application component RESUME
Joins, as a club ENTERS
Kama __ SUTRA
Leapers in a carol LORDS
Leave politics to wander? ROVEFROMOFFICE
Libel, in speech SLANDER
Libertine on screen? MOVIERAKE
Little handfuls IMPS
Clues Answers
Lively movement ANIMATO
Mafia hopefuls' repressed personas? INNERDONS
Metaphorical incentive CARROT
Milwaukee theater named for a brewer, with "the" PABST
Morsel in a linguine sauce CLAM
Muscat's land OMAN
Musical corps members FIFERS
Musical works for deep voices? BASSYSUITES
Neruda wrote one to "things" ODE
Novelist Murdoch IRIS
Oft-beaded footwear MOCS
One may be measured in cups URN
One with unrefined tastes VULGARIAN
One-named Tejano singer SELENA
Ones crying foul? REFS
Ones taking a lot of interest in their work? USURERS
Orchestral winds OBOES
Org. that sued SeaWorld on behalf of orcas PETA
Organization for the 50+ crowd AARP
Peace Prize-winning relief org UNICEF
Peck in the park, briefly PDA
Pelvic bones ILIA
Perfect score, often TEN
Performed on karaoke night SANG
Piggy bank? CENTMIXER
Precipitation not yet visible? RAINSTOBESEEN
Quick, in Quito RAPIDO
Quicker than is prudent HASTY
Really dug ATEUP
River where down means north NILE
Roof edge EAVE
Rover's destination MARS
Royal Crown, for one COLA
Sarah McLachlan hit ADIA
Sarges' superiors LOOIES
Scheme PLAN
Sent regrets, say, briefly RSVPD
Shot spot ARM
Sibilant attention-getter PSST
Someone to pay? PIPER
Soul supplier KIA
Soup step STIR
Spanish New Year ANONUEVO
Sticks by the pool table CUES
Swanky LUXE
Sweater predator MOTH
Taiwanese tech giant ACER
Tales of woe? AILACCOUNTS
Tank to go under SCUBA
Tap lineup ALES
Téa's "Madam Secretary" role BESS
The Emerald Isle EIRE
Tick off MIFF
Tiptoe, say CREEP
Tired routine RUT
Train units CARS
TV chef Lagasse EMERIL
Twistable treat OREO
Upstanding MORAL
W. state whose largest city is named for a New England city ORE
What some hounds follow SCENT
Winter hanger ICICLE
Writer Sontag SUSAN
Yemeni port ADEN
__ Diego SAN