The Washington Post Sunday - Jan 26 2020

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Clues Answers
'Days of Our Lives' actress Hall, and an anagram of 126 Across DEIDRE
'East of Eden' brother CAL
'Hair' pieces? SCENES
'I'll show you' HERESHOW
'Look this way!' HEY
'Then ___ Was Gone' (2017 Lisa Jewell novel) SHE
'Total Recall' remake director Wiseman LEN
'___ you' AFTER
*Frizzy-leafed vegetable CURL
*Occasion to honor the recently deceased MEMO
*Philosopher who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950 BERT
*Spray dispensers AERO
16 fluid ounces, at Starbucks GRANDE
2017 NBA MVP Westbrook RUSSELL
Angry delivery RANT
Angsty subculture EMO
Antlered creature BUCK
Avenges oneself GETSEVEN
Basketball net holder RIM
Bit of whiskey NIP
Bit of witchcraft CHARM
Bond feature of 1962 DRNO
Borgnine of 'Airwolf' ERNEST
Bottle holder BIN
Bottom of a mountain BASE
Brings home, as Twins DRIVESIN
Business offering a 46 Across SPA
Certain game opening SERVICE
Change states, say MOVE
College football game players? PEPBAND
Comprehension UPTAKE
Congresswoman Ilhan OMAR
Constantly EVER
Crack, so to speak DECODE
Creepy Krueger FREDDY
Cross a channel, in a way SWIM
Cut with a sickle REAP
Dark purple fruit SLOE
Deodorant brand AXE
Difficult questions POSERS
Diminish slowly ERODE
Downloadable files used in video game emulators ROMS
Dragon roll component EEL
Easily deceived sort PATSY
Emulate an aquanaut DIVE
Evaluates thoroughly VETS
Evan, to Diana Ross SON
Event with booths EXPO
Face cards? IDS
Family in a flying car JETSONS
Far from bleak ROSY
Figure invoked in many death metal songs SATAN
Finish by ENDAT
Finished, as a cupcake ICED
For whom the Julian calendar is named CAESAR
Fourth root of dieciséis DOS
Fragrant neckwear LEI
Frayed WORN
Free, in a way UNTIE
Friday's rank: Abbr SGT
Funny Gracie or Steve ALLEN
Gliding ray MANTA
Go like a wallaroo HOP
Greets a ruler, maybe KNEELS
Hit the roof ERUPT
Honeycomb material WAX
Indigenous Coloradans UTES
Instructions segment STEPONE
It's above an eagle PAR
Job done on one's hands and feet MANIPEDI
La-Z-Boy room, maybe DEN
LaRue of 'CSI: Miami' EVA
Clues Answers
Less standard ODDER
Linda of 'The Exorcist' BLAIR
Liz's canine patient ODIE
Maker of small trunks SPEEDO
Makeshift structures LEANTOS
Maximally sour-tasting TARTEST
Method of evaluation EXAM
Middle-earth menace ORC
Milk source TEAT
Much-lauded Lauder ESTEE
Nation whose currency has been hiked up to this puzzle's 12th row PERU
Nation whose currency has been hiked up to this puzzle's 17th row SOUTHAFRICA
Nation whose currency has been hiked up to this puzzle's eighth row JAPAN
Nation whose currency has been hiked up to this puzzle's third row OMAN
Needle TEASE
Nihilistic art genre DADA
Noise heard underwater PING
Norwegian royal name OLAV
Not available right now INUSE
Notable period of time ERA
Order of some columns DORIC
Org. that gives prizes to Reba McEntire CMA
Party line? CONGA
Party person, briefly POL
Peevish state SNIT
Penn of 'Van Wilder' KAL
Petrifies SCARES
Pool side SOLIDS
Porridge morsel OAT
Potential embryos OVA
Present a perspective OPINE
Prone to explode VOLATILE
Prosperous periods BOOMS
Provider of instant riches, potentially GENIE
Provides advice CONSULTS
Put down DERIDE
Puzzling villain RIDDLER
Quite burdensome ONEROUS
Ranking member DOYEN
Record keepers DIARISTS
Red Wings great Howe GORDIE
Replacements for some four-letter words BLEEPS
Responds to a hit? CLAPS
Response from one who's too cool? BRR
Restore to wellness HEAL
Rock guitarist Kaplan IRA
Rule broken by neighbors? IBEFOREE
See 48 Across ACID
See 86 Across HARE
Sends packing CANS
Setting of Colson Whitehead's book 'The Underground Railroad' GEORGIA
She was captured by the fictional Doone clan LORNA
Source of Asimov's Laws IROBOT
State by heart RECITE
Straight folk HETEROS
Stuff in the crust ORE
Switch position OFF
Tara of 'Van Wilder' REID
Tell all REVEAL
Terraforming ___ (board game set on another planet) MARS
Title church in a 1945 Bing Crosby-Ingrid Bergman film STMARYS
Top story ATTIC
Traditional truisms ADAGES
Venetian hot spot RIALTO
Victoria, to William IV NIECE
Wage hike ... and a verb describing what happened with four currencies in this puzzle RAISE
Water conduit HOSE
Wild party BASH
With 2 Down, tea party member of literature MARCH
With 48 Down, protein building block AMINO
___ Goldman, Robin Williams's role in 'The Birdcage' ARMAND
___ hall REC
___ Islander RHODE
___ stateswoman ELDER