The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,268 - Jan 24 2020

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Clues Answers
Again, go over adult's tips on two school subjects REPEAT
Article about this writer and really criminal act THIEVERY
Award Yankee son accepts OBEYS
Awkward throw returned by another BOLSHY
Back international language HINDI
Bird repeatedly shaking wings in heat, ugly hen EAGLE
Blunder of six deliveries location reported OVERSIGHT
Cats playing cards somewhere in New York QUEENS
Current agreement is unsurpassed IDEAL
Despair at roles he messed up LOSEHEART
Ecstasy developed in happy realisation EPIPHANY
Fools set up with trap good for robbing STINGING
Hot spice sick one quietly put in soup CHILLIPOWDER
Issue detective's accusation DISCHARGE
It's unacceptable either way NOTON
Clues Answers
Know no uprising in African land KENYAN
Lion feasting after playing with boks KINGOFBEASTS
Look to secure universal thin fabric GAUZE
Notes explosives around exterior of U-boat MINUTES
Notice for travellers at sea: boarding's not starting ROADSIGN
Number in St Kitts regularly filling wharf QUANTITY
Performer in part, thespian is terrible PIANISTE
Personality from France, the French revolutionary SELF
Pitched support for monarch on the radio THROWN
Pry about argument with lawyers CROWBAR
Send message to part of website PAGE
Seriously close to home on island INEARNEST
Value eastern links to the west ESTEEM
Who'd act barking? Guard, primarily WATCHDOG
Young Jack starts to use vessel on European river JUVENILE