Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jan 25 2020

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Clues Answers
A Bandon optimism in Depression DESPAIR
Artist takes in magician's bar in Africa RWANDA
Attract individuals from Dublin Suburb briefly to start a fight with D'Artagnan's gang (4,3'1,5) DRAWONESSWORD
Baker leaves breakfast to go hungry FAST
Breakdown of cover for Zimbabwe epidemic WEEP
Brings up Babe, the last flick getting a meaty grilling! KEBAB
Close relative of badger crossing river BROTHER
Denies leaving West Indies with comics WITS
Double cross alien in Wicklow town BETRAY
Early bird laid out with fruit BERRY
Enthusiastic supporter backing characters from craft union NUT
For example, the fall of US spy state is so nuanced from the start SEASON
Found in a stable environment or unstable terrain? TRAINER
Fragment of memoir antagonises Turkish neighbour IRAN
Has a hankering for Blur T-shirts THIRSTS
Impose limits on views circulating parish from most of them with camouflaged shelters DRAWTHEBLINDS
Most of the advice given by forecasters goes over the head of one on site HELMET
Naturists not getting any sun - presumably one will put on a coat? ARTIST
Owner is wrong having learnt nothing else NOWISER
Clues Answers
Part of the hospital set up by local Yank DRAW
Pass judgement on half of Yeats' work? TRY
Pleas from Neapolitans in Italy, for one NATION
Results for all sides today in 32 down getting point DRAWS
Retweet about starters of Asian snacks for Sunday lunch ROAST
Rip off wipers to do some fancy work? SEW
Similar to 24 down on English school buses COACHES
Slowly finishes sketches by Hopper - for the most part within reach DRAWSTOACLOSE
Some of those in triathlon used up contents of lungs AIR
Stage performance of funny article RECITAL
Stand alone without Anna or Adam OLDEST
Study a king from Ireland having head on Irish and old Roman coins DENARII
The most full-bodied top Riesling is opened from the case RICHEST
Tore away from Waterloo and went missing AWOL
Unnaturally, Darwin takes gloss initially off diamonds in the design studio DRAWINGOFFICE
Upper class in tiaras travelling in Europe AUSTRIA
Verdict from judge? VIEW
Who's out to demonstrate the truth of something? SHOW
Works for the abbey with women vocalising legal entitlements WRITES