Irish Times (Simplex) - Jan 25 2020

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Clues Answers
Abrupt or ungracious rejection REBUFF
Bundles of fibres in the body NERVES
Chevron to denote military rank STRIPE
Citrus fruits LEMONS
Diaphanous or very steep SHEER
Disposition to always see the glass as half-empty rather than half-full PESSIMISM
Ferocious, savage FIERCE
Figure, effigy STATUE
Firmly fixed or free from uncertainty SECURE
Fully determined DEADSET
Gestures or symbols SIGNS
God-like DIVINE
Group of elements working as a whole SYSTEM
In short supply SCARCE
Insignificant dessert? TRIFLE
It's played with a bow VIOLIN
Large masses of floating ice ICEBERGS
Level, degree or magnitude INTENSITY
Clues Answers
Levels of proficiency or value GRADES
Like one better than another PREFER
Long, narrow trench or excavation FOSSE
Magnificent, splendid GLORIOUS
Middle-of-the-road, not extreme MODERATE
Not in accordance with fact FALSE
Panache, flair ELAN
Part of the ear LOBE
Posing least difficulty EASIEST
Recount, relate RECITE
Scarlet and crimson, say REDS
Skin disorder ACNE
Sudden astounding event SURPRISE
Takes to be the case ASSUMES
The study of the stars and planets ASTRONOMY
Triangle that has two sides of equal length ISOSCELES
Wicked or illegal act MISDEED
Writing implement MARKER