L.A. Times Daily - Jan 24 2020

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Clues Answers
"... __ woodchuck could chuck wood?" IFA
"A Passage to India" heroine ADELA
"A rat!" EEK
"Bad Moon Rising" band, briefly CCR
"Beats me!" DUNNO
"Lemme!" IWANNA
"Uno __": cantina request MAS
Acts of reparation ATONEMENTS
Age relatives ERAS
Annoyance PEST
Appear ACT
Apple product IPOD
Backboard attachment RIM
Backtalk LIP
Blamed for personal advantage THROWNUNDERTHEB
Blender button PUREE
Bloke LAD
Boar's mate SOW
Board mem DIR
Burdened LADEN
Chanoyu ceremony essential JAPANESET
Clear BUS
Comforter DUVET
Common sense? SMELL
Crisply played, in mus STAC
Cutty __ SARK
Delay LAG
Do, for example NOTE
Draft category ONEA
Expresses a preference (for) OPTS
Fall mo OCT
FDR power plan TVA
Fluff, as pillows PLUMP
Clues Answers
Fundraising targets ALUMNI
Game with two secret passages CLUE
Gave up CEDED
Give the wrong change, say ERR
Greatly beloved ones GEMS
He reunited with his fictional ex on Valentine's Day in 2011 KEN
High __ TEA
Hopeless NOWIN
Hotel amenity, and a hint to three puzzle answers TURNDOWNSERVICE
Ibuprofen brand ADVIL
Inflammation treatment CORTISONE
It ends shortly after 1-Down DST
It may be tapped into a tray ASH
It's often served with nutmeg NOG
Kabuki kin NOH
Kazakhstan, once: Abbr SSR
Many an Indian HINDU
More mean NASTIER
Musical in which FDR is a character ANNIE
Not quite identical ALIKE
P.R. part RICO
Parents, usually NAMERS
Place Sundance liked to see ETTA
Portable chair SEDAN
Punch with force, maybe GIVEAFATL
Qatar's capital DOHA
Sci-fi helmsman SULU
Subjects of European trials during the Renaissance WEREWOLVES
Talks up TOUTS
They can make you better, briefly MEDS
Up in the air UNSET
Waste time DAWDLE
Wd. ending in -less ADJ
Zaire's Mobutu __ Seko SESE
__ moment INA
__ store APP