- Jan 24 2020

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Clues Answers
''Aquí se __ español'' HABLA
''Dancing With the Stars'' panel name LEN
''Graphic'' group ARTS
''M*A*S*H'' star SWIT
''Moby-Dick'' social call GAM
''__ dreaming?'' AMI
A spring season LENT
Artist in a Boxing Hall of Fame NEIMAN
Augustan Age poet OVID
Bicentennial president FORD
Broad st AVE
Broad st BLVD
Cable service options DVRS
Certain bldg. units APTS
Cheese not from 53 Across ASIAGO
Chop source LOIN
Cloud computing giant IBM
Cobbler cousin PIE
Court order ALLRISE
Dominant, as dogs ALPHA
Early 11th-century date MIII
Electrified LIVE
Eurasian ethnic group SLAVS
Fault caller UMP
Film plots STORIES
Fire starter FLINT
FM station stock, maybe CDS
Focus of any ''Ocean's'' film CAPER
Frat letter PHI
Guinness center ENS
Having premiered first OLDER
How some homes are built ONSPEC
IPO principals VCS
Is begrudging of NVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
Java Sea setting ASIA
Keats subject URN
Keeps hidden VEILS
Keyboarder's base HOMEROW
Letter closer ASEVER
Clues Answers
Liquids sold in liters SODAS
Made smoother EASED
Mdse GDS
Meanderings TRAVELS
Minestrone morsels PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
Monarque mâle ROI
Much ado about not much SPAT
New England milkshake FRAPPE
NFL coaching great Levy MARV
NLCS overseer MLB
Offered in a store ATRETAIL
Overpowering exaltation ECSTASY
Part of a nation's sovereignty AIRSPACE
Part of a villainous visage BDIIIIIIIIIIIII
Part of Ontario's border ERIE
Poetic feet IAMBS
Powersports participant ATV
Rerun's respites TVADS
Restoration locations SPAS
Rockets' intrastate rivals MAVS
Sent regrets, say RSVPED
Some heads of households MAS
Some shuttles VANS
Sondheim's second Broadway show GYPSY
Spend, with ''out'' LAY
Stock up on AMASS
Tax table no PCT
The object at hand THIS
Today, for short FRI
Triple, for instance BASEHIT
Two-Oscar actor who once roomed with two-Oscar Hackman HOFFMAN
Vocalized SANG
Well-liked things PEACHES
What collars cover NAPES
What powers some mice AAS
What red tape may cause SNAG
Wide-area alerts APBS
Writer Hubbard LRON
__ facto IPSO