The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,267 - Jan 23 2020

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Clues Answers
Applaud using force to apprehend adult PRAISE
Archaic lilac occasionally produces bush ACACIA
Area like this contains container for plant ACANTHUS
Charming activity of bee? SPELLING
Defiant trade union's bid curtailed undergoing restructure INSUBORDINATE
Described by Mach, a steady velocity HASTE
Detectives going back on record is nothing irregular EPISODIC
Dismay of criminal's time with Queen and Country CONSTERNATION
Docile old criminal welcomes end OBEDIENT
Family sitting round large oven KILN
Field vehicle finally takes red fuel KEROSENE
Former nosey parker, we hear PRIOR
Irritable seeing account not closed over debts BILIOUS
Launches advances holding soldiers caught COMMENCES
Lively embraces providing calm PACIFY
Clues Answers
Outfit with flexibility SUPPLY
Overseas France beginning to overthrow government FOREIGN
Perfect area to climb missing old country NIGERIA
Piece by piece going topless ARTICLE
Public official never admits to being promoted NOTARY
Same turning, indicate left IDENTICAL
Say something wrong seeing girl on top MISSPEAK
Serious doctor absorbed by wound? SOMBRE
Ships circling large swells BLOATS
Sober? Stand almost everybody swallowing short! TEETOTAL
Spending up front, reportedly, showing generosity? LARGESSE
Start to chinwag and have aimless talk CHAT
States concerned with welfare REALMS
Sump is to necessitate purchasing engine part PISTON
Test gold before transaction ORDEAL