Universal - Jan 23 2020

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Clues Answers
"And ___ begins ..." SOIT
"Gotta go!" SEEYA
"Nailed It!" host Byer NICOLE
"No, you're not!" retort YESIAM
'90s-'00s CD sender AOL
*Escape room feature (2 to 5) TIMELIMIT
*Face protectors for net protectors (see letters 4 to 7) GOALIEMASKS
*Iron filler at brunch (5 to 8) WAFFLEMIX
*Nondairy grain drink (4 to 7) RICEMILK
*Poker request (4 to 7) DEALMEIN
Arrive casually BLOWIN
Aspiring MBA's exam GMAT
Big rig SEMI
Business image business PRFIRM
Canadian nickname for $2 coin TOONIE
Cannon sound BOOM
City southeast of Merced FRESNO
Civil rights leader John LEWIS
Classic film holder REEL
Country of Everest's South Base Camp NEPAL
Cubes in a cup ICE
Cubs great Sammy SOSA
Dawn deity EOS
Decide OPT
Deep, as a voice LOW
Deflating noise PFFT
Disgusted reaction EWW
Eagle-landed link HAS
Eats in style DINES
Enterprise rival AVIS
Game with people pegs LIFE
Genre hidden in "canned music" EDM
Greek market AGORA
Here today, ___ tomorrow GONE
Hit with a newspaper, say SWAT
Irritating sort TWIT
Is serious MEANSIT
Isle of ___ WIGHT
Its 1971 ed. came with a magnifying glass OED
Clues Answers
Lapel decoration PIN
Let happen ALLOW
Levi's alternative LEE
Lightsaber or blaster WEAPON
Like a grainy pic LORES
Like a ramp SLOPED
Little one TYKE
Lodging options HOTELS
Many practice misogyny SEXISTS
Mob figure MAFIADON
Mongolian death worm's desert, it's said GOBI
Office plants, often FERNS
On cloud nine ELATED
Once more ANEW
Ones who have lost their senior status? ALUMNI
Org. that inspects bags TSA
Period ERA
Pomeranian's fluff FUR
Quaint lodging INN
Rave performance LIVESET
Reggae relative SKA
Removes wrinkles from SMOOTHS
Second story, perhaps ADDON
Senate race prize SEAT
Send-___ (farewell parties) OFFS
Six-pt. NFL plays TDS
Songwriter Guthrie ARLO
Spot for a sailboat MARINA
Squid's home SEA
Story of Medusa, e.g MYTH
Sty female SOW
Tart garnish for a drink, or a hint to the starred answers' indicated letters TWISTOFLIME
Texter's "Just saying ..." FWIW
Twitter profile blurb BIO
Website with DIY guides EHOW
What might help you get a tan? COS
What worrywarts do STEW
___-Caps SNO