New York Times - Jan 23 2020

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Clues Answers
'Give it ___' AREST
'Simmer down!' CHILLAX
Ali who retired undefeated LAILA
Angers IRES
Anti-apartheid activist Steve BIKO
Astronomical rings CORONAE
Bellyache CARP
Boggle the mind STUN
Bogus SHAM
Concerning vision OCULAR
Desiccated DRIEDUP
Drain SAP
Element of some chips SILICON
Engine capacity unit LITER
Estado south of Arizona SONORA
European Union member, to natives EIRE
Fast pace CLIP
Foundation for a home on a bayou STILTS
Fries, e.g SIDE
Genesis craft ARK
Glamping site, maybe YURT
Half of a 1960s folk-rock group MAMAS
Have EAT
How you might meet someone HALFWAY
Inc., abroad LTD
Info for a car service pickup, in brief ETA
It may involve dilation EYEEXAM
It's needed for a push-up, informally TRICEP
JFK alternative LGA
Land on the Persian Gulf EMIRATE
Large: Fr GROS
Layer HEN
Lead-in for Romeo ALFA
Liberate Louis XIV's palace? FREEVERSAILLES
Like some doors INOUT
Like tears SALINE
Locale for Ernst and Young SENATE
Clues Answers
Madagascar, par exemple ILE
Many an I.R.S. worker CPA
Mesmerized RAPT
Mideast diplomat's request, when itching to be challenged? GIMMEASINAI
Odysseus' faithful dog ARGOS
Online party request EVITE
Overpopulated, mazy districts WARRENS
Pan Am rival TWA
Perniciousness HARM
Piles up AMASSES
Pivot point AXIS
Powerful Scrabble tile ESS
Premier internet connection? THEGOODWIFI
Premium network TMC
Proudly dresses like Bill Nye or Pee-wee Herman? ROCKSTHEBOWTIE
Pull TOW
Retiring TIMID
Roughage source BRAN
Second person?: Abbr ASST
Short albums, for short EPS
Silo filler, for short ICBM
Some 'Toy Story'-themed toys, informally TREXES
Something for an artist to have on hand PALETTE
Something with an 'x' factor? ALGEBRA
Soong ___-ling, Madame Chiang Kai-shek MEI
Source of material for a feather duster OSTRICH
Start-up worth a billion dollars, in a modern coinage UNICORN
Vote heard on the floor ... and at the end of 20-, 31-, 35- and 50-Across? AYE
What a shooter may shoot PEA
What brakes shouldn't do LOCKUP
What you feel 'when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie' AMORE
Wide open AGAPE
Wind power generator TURBINE
Wine center near Turin ASTI
Word with garden or party TEA
___ avis RARA