Universal - Jan 22 2020

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Clues Answers
"Avengers: Endgame," e.g EPIC
"Frozen" reindeer SVEN
"Not to mention ..." AND
"The Old Man and the ___" SEA
"Works for me, I guess" ITLLDO
"___ Malala" (2013 autobiography) IAM
*Lot contract CARLEASE
*One might change your eye color CONTACTLENS
*Seafood items served with melted butter CRABLEGS
*Thing you shouldn't pass on CHAINLETTER
Arches National Park location UTAH
Bakery attractions AROMAS
Be too inquisitive PRY
Bert and Ernie, to each other PALS
Biblical spy CALEB
Bonus for an employee CASHAWARD
Buck Rogers portrayer Gerard GIL
Catch sight of ESPY
Celebrity's Twitter followers, often FANS
Cereal bar bit OAT
Chaney of the silents LON
Chicken ___ king ALA
Chromebook manufacturer ACER
Cirque du ___ SOLEIL
CNN anchor Burnett ERIN
Corroded, with "away" EATEN
Crossed paths with MET
Dark blue NAVY
Dog part that may perk up EAR
Drink slowly NURSE
Drop the ball ERR
Emotion readers EMPATHS
End of a threat ELSE
French hub ORLY
Friendly relations AMITY
Gerbil, e.g., for a class PET
Get ___ of (toss) RID
Happen again RECUR
Hauls into court SUES
Clues Answers
Hoppy brew, for short IPA
Incense source, and a hint to the starred answers CANDLE
Lab supply? ALPO
Lady Gaga or Lizzo STAGENAME
Lessen in intensity ABATE
Like early Beatles records MONO
Like someone who just can't wait EAGER
Low female voices ALTOS
Luxury hotel booking SUITE
March Madness org NCAA
Mesozoic or Cenozoic ERA
Nae sayer SCOT
Not at all competent INEPT
Online health resource WEBMD
Pay stub abbr YTD
PBS relative NPR
Picture day concern ZIT
Place for touchdowns TARMAC
Polite turndown NOMAAM
Post-E.R. area ICU
Printer need TONER
Prof's URL ender EDU
QB's mistake INT
Ran like heck TORE
Real puzzle ENIGMA
Response to "Would I look good in this?" TRYITON
River with piranhas AMAZON
Roma's country ITALIA
Sound that may annoy a light sleeper DRIP
Spa treatment, briefly? TLC
Staircase post NEWEL
The Queen's afternoon meal TEA
Time delay LAG
Turn over UPEND
Type of jockey DISC
Undisputed truth FACT
Utopian IDEAL
Victory that's no sweat EASYWIN
Word following "fresh" or "thin" AIR
___ constrictor BOA