The Washington Post - Jan 21 2020

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Clues Answers
'Don't have a __, man!' COW
'Les Misérables' escape route SEWER
Admin. aides ASSTS
Apple desktop IMAC
Be helpful, or enjoy playing tennis? LIVETOSERVE
Be noisy, or equip for tennis? MAKEARACKET
Beauty contest prize TIARA
Bob Ross accessory PALETTE
Brewery tub VAT
Chick site NEST
Chief Asgard god ODIN
Chocolate source CACAO
Circumvent AVOID
Classic Jaguar XKE
Convenience for diners on the go DRIVETHRU
Cosmopolitan spirits VODKA
Crime that might involve accelerants ARSON
Cul-de-__ SAC
Dec. holiday XMAS
Decorative pitcher EWER
Dictator Amin IDI
Dominoes piece TILE
Easter Island sights STATUES
End of a musket? EER
Enjoy oneself, or be ready for tennis? HAVEABALL
Feature of some debit cards CHIP
First-responder letters EMS
Ford Fusion, e.g SEDAN
Gridiron 'zebra' REF
Hair salon supplies DYES
Hi, in Barcelona HOLA
Identity-concealing name ALIAS
Israeli carrier ELAL
Jockey's apparel SILKS
Latin 'others' ALIA
Lawyers' org ABA
Long-established OLDLINE
Miller __: beer brand LITE
Minute Maid fruity juice boxes HICS
Clues Answers
Music genre with accordions POLKA
NBA commissioner Silver ADAM
Nutty DAFT
Online magazine with a 'Dear Prudence' advice column SLATE
Order to a sloucher SITUP
Part of an ellipsis DOT
Pisces follower ARIES
Points in the right direction ORIENTS
Prefix with pool or pit CESS
Ray type GAMMA
Ready for dinner SEATED
Relaxing resorts SPAS
Remains unsettled, as a payment PENDS
Requires Febreze, maybe SMELLS
Sentence structure element NOUN
Shenanigan ANTIC
Singer with a Best Actress Oscar CHER
Singers below mezzo-sopranos ALTOS
Sit in park, say IDLE
Smallest bills ONES
Sound of disbelief GASP
Spilled the beans TOLD
Struck the bell RANG
Sue, or leave for tennis? GOTOCOURT
Tackle a slope SKI
Teléfono greeting ALO
The other way around VICEVERSA
Throat dangler UVULA
Tibet's continent ASIA
Tickle pink AMUSE
To the point TERSE
Two-time NBA MVP Malone known as 'The Mailman' KARL
Unit being deployed TROOP
Upside-down 'e,' in phonetics SCHWA
Wander aimlessly (about) MILL
Well out of the harbor ASEA
Whirlpool EDDY
__ erectus HOMO
__ Gras MARDI