New York Times - Jan 21 2020

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Clues Answers
'Aaron ___, Sir' (song from 'Hamilton') BURR
'Baa baa' mama EWE
'Bullets,' in poker ACES
'Casablanca' setting CAFE
'I give up!' UNCLE
'Live and Let Die' villain MRBIG
'Mr. Blue Sky' band, for short ELO
'Nothing in life is fun for the whole ___': Jerry Seinfeld FAMILY
'Sign me up!' IMGAME
'You are not!' retort IAMSO
1988 Summer Olympics city SEOUL
A.T.F. agent, e.g FED
Abbr. in a real estate ad BRS
Advocate for URGE
Airport across the bay from OAK SFO
Annual Austin festival, for short SXSW
Aviated FLEW
Barkeep's grabber ICETONGS
Beat writer ___ Cassady NEAL
Brief moments SECS
Bronze and brass ALLOYS
Cellphone button ASTERISK
Cougar or cheetah CAT
Desktop image ICON
E-file recipient, in brief IRS
English school that's a rival of Harrow ETON
Fluorescent bulb filler ARGON
Go back and forth SEESAW
Grasps GETS
Greatly desires LUSTSFOR
Groups plotting coups CABALS
Ham or lamb MEAT
Hands down BYFAR
Healthy diet and regular exercise, say SELFCARE
Hit from the '60s? LSD
Hullabaloo FOOFARAW
Ideologies ISMS
IV solution SALINE
Clues Answers
Keyboard key pressed by a pinkie TAB
Layer below the earth's crust MANTLE
Major Baltic port RIGA
Mama Cass ELLIOT
Minuscule TEENY
Not be punctual COMELATE
Old German money MARK
On drugs USING
Orchestra locale PIT
Panache BRIO
Party purchase ... or a hint to each circled letter set SIXPACKOFBEER
Pokémon Go, in the late 2010s, e.g FAD
Pour forth SPEW
Prepped, as apples for baking CORED
Quick to anger TESTY
River rental CANOE
Rummage (through) ROOT
Shade of blue STEEL
Soccer stadium chant OLEOLE
Something to pitch or break CAMP
Sportscast summary RECAP
Study DEN
Subject of interest to a 23andMe user GENE
Symbol on a Braves baseball cap CAPITALA
They'll earn you a 2.0 CEES
Tiny sound? INLET
Twistable joint ANKLE
Unburdened by FREEOF
Upset stomach soother, informally BICARB
URL ending ORG
Vacuum cleaners featuring 'cyclone' technology DYSONS
Vivacious PERT
Witticism QUIP
Xylophonist's need MALLET
___ bowl (health food offering) ACAI
___-told OFT