Family Time - Jan 20 2020

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Clues Answers
"... to look ___ like Christmas" ALOT
"Balance" pole BEAM
"That feels good!" AAH
A great number SCAD
A Greek letter ETA
A nucleic acid RNA
Aberdeen woman LASS
Actress Jessica Parker SARAH
All the fixin's berry CRAN
Annoying flying insect GNAT
Anti-chafing powder TALC
Australian gemstone OPAL
Babble on wildly RANT
Barcelona friend COMPADRE
Bone in the human arm ULNA
Carry by hand TOTE
Christmas tree item ORNAMENT
Circular piece ARC
Demand payment from DUN
Do some therapeutic pretending ROLEPLAY
Do your part in an election VOTE
Drink in a pub ALE
Dunkable cookie OREO
Fish-eating eagle ERNE
Hodgepodge OLIO
Huge collection of information DATABASE
Improper isn't AINT
Joint that may crack KNEE
Just manages (with "out") EKES
Kilt-wearer's cap TAM
Legitimate VALID
Clues Answers
Like a just-straightened room NEAT
Like paper in pieces TORN
Match audio and video SYNC
Nay's opposite YEA
Neuter kin SPAY
No in Paris NON
Number in countdowns ONE
Numbers for wagers ODDS
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
Opera house solo ARIA
Pastoral expanse LEA
Place for prekindergartners (2 words) NURSERYSCHOOL
Place to shoot indoor hoops YMCA
Prefix for "normal" or "legal" PARA
Prefix meaning "new" NEO
Prefix with "matter" or "freeze" ANTI
Racer in a fable HARE
Sharp, narrow mountain ridge or spur ARETE
State flower of New Hampshire LILAC
The act of putting seeds in the ground IMPLANTATION
The measurement of tremors SEISMOGRAPHY
Three things learned early ABC
Urn sound-alike EARN
Variety of bread RYE
Venetian coin of old LIRA
Waisted dance? HULA
What spoiled milk has gone? BAD
Wife of John Lennon ONO
Word-of-mouth ORAL
Work with photo or coin OPS
___ carte ALA