Jonesin' - Jan 21 2020

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Clues Answers
'As much as you want' NOLIMITS
'Daft Punk is Playing at my House' band ___ Soundsystem LCD
'From Peru to ___ hear the power of Babylon' (Philippine island name-dropped in Enya's 'Orinoco Flow') CEBU
'Garfield' cat ARLENE
'Prelude to the Afternoon of a ___' (Debussy work) FAUN
'Queer Eye' food and wine expert Porowski ANTONI
'Who ___?' ('Les Miz' song) AMI
'___ Nub' (common name of the 1983 song called 'Ewok Celebration') YUB
2012 AFTRA merger partner SAG
2012 or 2013, e.g YEAR
2012 song that was YouTube's most-viewed video until 'See You Again' surpassed it in 2017 GANGNAMSTYLE
2020 Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee ALPACINO
8-Down's need OARS
Actress Claire of 'The Crown' FOY
Annoying racket DIN
Arm of the sea INLET
Athlete's knee injury site, often ACL
Atlanta research university EMORY
Base times height AREA
Becomes dim FADES
Boat with three hulls TRIMARAN
Book-based movie series that ended in 2012 with 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' TWILIGHT
Bygone Toyota model TERCEL
Chooses OPTS
Crew member ROWER
Dessert also known as crème caramel FLAN
Drink from a flask SWIG
Easy basket TIPIN
Fascinated with INTO
First Family of the 1840s TYLERS
Fixed illegally RIGGED
Floor-cleaning robot ROOMBA
Freshen up, as lipstick REAPPLY
Game that 'The Price Is Right' devoted all six pricing game segments to in a 2013 episode PLINKO
Gas in fuel mixtures ETHANE
Gillian Flynn thriller published in 2012 GONEGIRL
Glass with a radio cadence IRA
Go bad ROT
Home of the Nevada Museum of Art RENO
Clues Answers
House vote YEA
In bygone times AGO
Incensed feeling IRE
Insecure, in a way UNLOCKED
It's produced in a Van de Graaff generator STATIC
Itinerary measure DISTANCE
Jousters' horses STEEDS
Key West, e.g ISLE
Like Dali's art SURREAL
Mature AGE
Milk source, to a kid MOOCOW
Minnow's home POND
Need an ice bag ACHE
Occupied, as a lavatory INUSE
Online outbursts LOLS
Opera highlight ARIA
Parlor, in La Paz SALA
Peabody Award-winning Issa RAE
Pos. opposite NEG
Q&A feature, on Reddit AMA
Red Sox rival, on scoreboards NYY
Role for Smith, Cartwright, Kavner, or Castellaneta SIMPSON
Rosemary bits SPRIGS
Sea ___ (Popeye villain) HAG
Sign of sorrow TEAR
Spear-shaped fish GAR
Stooge's laugh syllable NYUK
Suffix with puppet or racket EER
Swedish duo with a breakup song that hit #1 on the UK Singles Chart in 2013 ICONAPOP
Taking a sick day ILL
Talking bear film of 2012 TED
Team in a sign-stealing scandal ASTROS
They receive paper assignments INTRAYS
Type of music video with a world record set in 2012 by 9,300 participants in Lindsay, Ontario LIPDUB
What a celebrity might use at a hotel ALIAS
What China became the third country to achieve with the Chang'e 3 mission in 2013 LUNARLANDING
Yoko born in Tokyo ONO
___ dab in the middle SMACK
___ Lipa ('New Rules' singer) DUA