New York Times - Jan 20 2020

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Clues Answers
'1984' language NEWSPEAK
'Hear, hear!' AMEN
'Saturday Night Live' segment COMEDYSKETCH
'Yellowfin' fish TUNA
A diamond that has one is moderately expensive CARAT
After-tax amount NET
Apple computer IMAC
Army no-show AWOL
Attempt TRY
Back-and-forth changes to a Wikipedia page EDITWAR
Beats by ___ (headphones brand) DRE
Big name in online satire, with 'The' ONION
Bitter-tasting ACRID
Black gem with bands ONYX
Born and ___ BRED
Bring back, as a worker REHIRE
Chinese tree with fan-shaped leaves GINKGO
Chips with melted cheese NACHOS
Cinnamon-and-sugar cookie SNICKERDOODLE
Collections of funny outtakes GAGREELS
Comprehend ... or what 20-, 29- and 47-Across do, finally GETTHEPICTURE
Computer cable WIRE
Deceived with a fake-out, in hockey DEKED
Dress (up) GUSSY
Drive home, as a runner on third base BATIN
Explorer Ponce de ___ LEON
Female donkey JENNY
Finger or toe DIGIT
Finishes ENDS
Great Lake bordered by Ohio ERIE
Had on WORE
Humorous Bombeck ERMA
Hurdle for a coll. senior, maybe GRE
Hurdle for a H.S. senior, maybe SAT
In the thick of AMID
J.F.K.'s successor LBJ
Jewish festival usually in March PURIM
Jolts JARS
Clues Answers
Kind of wagon for pioneers CONESTOGA
Lake into which Michigan's 'thumb' juts HURON
Letter before iota THETA
Mate for a mama PAPA
Neighbor of a Saudi OMANI
One attending a shindig PARTYGOER
One cause of an 'R' rating SEX
Opera solo ARIA
Plays a role ACTS
Poker or snooker GAME
Pooh's pessimistic pal EEYORE
Quintet to which 'y' is often added AEIOU
Rat Pack member ___ Davis Jr SAMMY
Reggae relative SKA
Result no longer allowed on 'Jeopardy!' TIE
Retail giant with a famous catalog, once SEARS
Richly adorn GILD
Ride for a Quidditch player BROOM
Ross of the Supremes DIANA
Savory food quality UMAMI
School lunch sandwich, for short PBJ
Sign, as a check ENDORSE
Smell really bad REEK
Strive for an epic effect GOBIG
Televised activity with Ping-Pong balls LOTTODRAWING
The Devil SATAN
The first one begins 'Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly' PSALM
Time in history ERA
Very: Sp MUY
W.W. I's Red Baron, e.g AIRACE
Watching closely EYING
Writer F. ___ Fitzgerald SCOTT
Yang's counterpart YIN
Zilch NADA
___ Antonio, Tex SAN
___ Baba, crier of 'Open sesame!' ALI
___ torch TIKI