Universal - Jan 19 2020

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Clues Answers
"Como ___?" ESTAS
"Dear" one SIR
"Neat!" COOLIO
"No ifs, ___ or buts!" ANDS
"This instant!" NOW
'80s-'90s Susan Dey series LALAW
Abound TEEM
Acct. buildup INT
Actor Wheaton WIL
Aggressive dog CUR
Amazon e-reader KINDLE
Anagram or sections of "Cats" ACTS
Another name for Aurora EOS
Apple line since 2001 IPOD
Archie's quarterback son ELI
Basic dog command SIT
Beast that can weigh more than a ton, briefly HIPPO
Best TOP
Boutique SHOP
Cattle call goal ROLE
Checkup sounds AHS
Chicago mayor Lightfoot LORI
Coaches ... or, with 18-Across, station break? TRAINS
College in New Rochelle IONA
Counting rhyme word EENIE
Cow or sow SHE
Croaking hopper TOAD
Deer, to a cougar PREY
Dental patient, at times RINSER
Does nothing SITSBY
Doing nothing IDLE
Double-reed instruments OBOES
Fair share, usually HALF
Gallup undertaking POLL
Get ready (for) GEARUP
Go well together MESH
God who fell in love with Psyche EROS
Historic document of 1215 MAGNACARTA
Clues Answers
Impudence GALL
Islamic holiday EID
It's nothing new REHASH
Like pirates on the Caribbean ASEA
Locale SITE
Luge, for one SLED
Lump in your throat? ADAMSAPPLE
Mata ___ (World War I spy) HARI
Metal-bearing rock ORE
Most fibrous ROPIEST
Name that rhymes with "seesaw" ESAU
Narcissist's love SELF
Opening or closing statements REMARKS
Oscar winner Luise RAINER
Peacock tail feature EYESPOT
Perfume compound ESTER
Pulverized tobacco SNUFF
Qualified ABLE
Questionable remedy NOSTRUM
Quick haircut ... or, with 41-Across, period pieces? TRIM
Rap concert box AMP
Restaurant freebie, perhaps ROLL
San Francisco hill ... or, with 59-Across, split decision? NOB
Scary Spice MELB
Sixth sense, briefly ESP
State whose name ends in three vowels HAWAII
Stingy type ... or, with 36-Across, torn down? MISER
Subway handhold STRAP
The Company CIA
To whom a Muslim prays ALLAH
Toward the rudder ASTERN
Tower of ___ BABEL
Tuscaloosa school, informally BAMA
Vietnamese soup PHO
What there's no I in TEAM
Work in the mail room SORT
Zip back and forth? PEP
___ days (time of great success) GLORY