Family Time - Jan 19 2020

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Clues Answers
"Before," when before a word PRE
"Fall back" saving HOUR
"The Creation" composer HAYDN
"___ the Wild" INTO
A way to the top, in winter TBAR
Aloha gift LEI
Andean animal LLAMA
Anguished cry YELP
Annoyance at a barbecue GNAT
Be sorry about RUE
Bittersweet covering ARIL
Body of "eau" LAC
Born, to the French NEE
Brewed drink TEA
Choir practice? SINGING
Chop-shop delivery AUTO
Come about OCCUR
Cookie type OREO
Cornered in an elm TREED
Cup edge LIP
Dogcatcher's prey STRAY
Doing a librarian's job CATEGORIZING
Double negative NONO
Drop an easy pop-up ERR
Easter flower LILY
Easy geometry calculation AREA
First "O" in a game TIC
Fowl of Australia EMU
Get some sun TAN
Good gift for Dad TIE
Grand ___ (wine type) CRU
Hotel or motel alternative INN
It may be belted HIP
Clues Answers
It's eruptive in Sicily ETNA
Kind of fly, for short SAC
Like some traits GENETIC
Make a play? WRITE
Make less hot COOL
Maker of panes GLAZIER
Male on the farm RAM
Memorable years ERA
Miner's valuable find ORE
Once around the track LAP
Opera highlight ARIA
Part of, as a plan (2 words) INON
Plant part ROOT
Relative that probably doesn't live with you AUNT
Reverse or neutral GEAR
Room separator HALL
Send headlong TRIP
Serious anger IRE
Sign of puppy love? WAG
Sir, to a Hindu BABU
Special 24 hours (3 words) REDLETTERDAY
Steak preference, for some RARE
Term referring to a prev. citation IBID
The Almighty GOD
Tiny bit IOTA
Transgression SIN
Tricky maneuver PLOY
Tupac's genre RAP
Verb in IOU OWE
Video shooter, for short CAM
Whistle veggie? PEA
Witch's blemish WART
Withdraw or depart PULLOUT