- Jan 19 2020

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Clues Answers
''Everything else'' choice OTHER
''Last of the Mohicans'' guy BUMPPO
''Me neither'' NORI
''New to you'' USED
''Oh yeah?'' SAYSWHO
''Paid preparer,'' for short CPA
''Return of the Jedi'' villain JABBA
''The Bell Jar'' writer PLATH
''War of the Worlds'' weapon HEATRAY
''You don't mean me?!'' MOI
'50s novelty dance BUNNYHOP
Actress O'Neal TATUM
Agency aiding entrepreneurs SBA
Arbitrator, by definition THIRDPARTY
Argentine plain PAMPA
Assess RATE
Astronaut Jemison MAE
Back muscles, for short LATS
Band aide ROADIE
Baseball's stitching SEAM
Be about to topple TEETER
Beatles' first single LOVEMEDO
Big Island town HILO
Breakfast fare CEREALS
Capital on the Pan-American Highway LIMA
Carmela on ''The Sopranos'' EDIE
Cartoonist Guisewite CATHY
Central position MIDST
Chip often topped with cheese NACHO
Comedian Kaplan GABE
Coral island CAY
Corporate brass CEOS
Costume made from a bedsheet TOGA
Crater creator METEOR
Dr. of rap DRE
Dream-stage acronym REM
Dutch South African BOER
Erstwhile Bologna bills LIRE
Erstwhile chain for kids TOYSRUS
Essence of a novel PLOT
Everything hoped for ALLTHAT
Fizzy flavor COLA
Flat-screen ancestors CRTS
Flub something ERR
Frequent speaker from St. Peter's POPE
Gazebo strip SLAT
Ghana's capital ACCRA
Great balls of fire STARS
Great success HIT
Groovy things from the '60s LPS
Half of a figure-eight ESS
Have high hopes ASPIRE
Having roof overhangs EAVED
Height of accomplishment ACME
Hyphen cousins EMDASHES
Irish poet YEATS
Isolates, with ''apart'' SETS
Jazz singer James or Jones ETTA
Lavish affection (on) DOTE
Least burdensome EASIEST
Length of time SPAN
Less legit SHADIER
Less outgoing SHYER
Literary signature EAPOE
Log, for one DIARY
Major road ARTERY
Medics' destinations ERS
Membership obligation DUES
Military address SIR
Minor orbiter ASTEROID
Clues Answers
Modernizes a factory RETOOLS
More genial NICER
Most ''Hamlet'' characters DANES
Muesli morsel OAT
Naval builder SEABEE
Nervous system's regulation MOTORFUNCTION
New Deal org WPA
Nike competitor AVIA
Not a close game ROUT
Novelist O'Brien EDNA
On ___ with (equal to) APAR
Oscar winner as Disraeli ARLISS
Overlook MISS
Paid to mail SENT
Part of a pirate costume EYEPATCH
Parts of eyes UVEAS
Passover feast SEDER
PC program holder CDROM
Peace Prize sharer with Rabin ARAFAT
Pentathlon tool SWORD
Pentathlon tool EPEE
Performed an aerobatic stunt LOOPED
Perfumery compound ESTER
Person from Zagreb CROAT
Plum or peach DRUPE
Poetic sphere ORB
Presidential nickname ABE
Printer's glossy proof REPRO
Real clown CUTUP
Rocky Mountain cats PUMAS
Seconded, say ECHOED
Seventh-century starter DCI
Show one's face APPEAR
Signal for battle TRUMPETBLAST
Sink accessories DRAINERS
Slimming procedure, for short LIPO
Snapshots PICS
Something to build on SITE
Something to step on GAS
Southwest promenades PASEOS
Space heater stats BTUS
Speak fondly COO
Stadium sound systems, for short PAS
Steak orders RARES
Strength training device MEDICINEBALL
String on some drums SNARE
Subtle emanation AURA
Success for a fullback PASSRECEPTION
Surmounting ATOP
Swiss resort DAVOS
Symbol of industry ANT
Tale of woe SADSTORY
Team from Texas ASTROS
Thumbs-up votes YEAS
Tibetan priest LAMA
Touch on ABUT
Tribal leader ELDER
Tries again, as in court REHEARS
Tristan's love ISOLDE
TV room DEN
Unearth DIGOUT
Unwavering TRUE
Update the borders of, perhaps REMAP
Venerable name in sleepwear DRDENTON
Virtuoso ACE
What mints work with METALS
Where rtes. meet JCT
Withdraw, with ''out'' OPT
X-ray alternatives MRIS
Yields via treaty CEDES
Zealous AVID
__ Way (route of old Rome) APPIAN