The Washington Post Sunday - Jan 19 2020

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Clues Answers
'Between the Lines' singer Janis IAN
'Doubt' star Streep MERYL
'Feel free' PLEASEDO
'For pity's ___!' SAKE
'Gory' parts of a story DETAILS
'Heaven Can Wait' actress Cannon DYAN
'I'm with you on that' SAME
'In ___ of that ...' SPITE
'My Best Friend's Wedding' actor Everett RUPERT
'Oh sure, that'll happen!' ASIF
'Sure seems like it' GUESSSO
'That's a good point' TRUE
'The Cloister and the Hearth' author Charles READE
'Well ___ be damned' ILL
'When They See Us' director DuVernay AVA
1959 film princess AURORA
1983's highest-grossing film, and a hint to the circled squares in 70 Across RETURNOFTHEJEDI
Actor Steven who played Glenn Rhee in 'The Walking Dead' YEUN
Affirm confidently AVER
Alfresco dining locale PATIO
Alumna, e.g GRAD
Apportions ALLOTS
Aspen, e.g TREE
Attempt to tempt LURE
Back-to-the-basket field goal, and a hint to the circled squares in 36 Across REVERSEDUNK
Bobby who won eight Norris Trophies (and is in NORRIS TROPHIES) ORR
Border on ABUT
Brand of soft balls NERF
Brewery concoction ALE
Broad bit of neckwear ASCOT
Canines with long ears BASSETS
Clasped or grasped HELD
Consequently ERGO
Consider REGARD
Cut, in the yard MOW
Demonstrate sorrow WEEP
Derisive noises SNORTS
Diamond unit CARAT
Display of exasperation EYEROLLING
Double-___ sword EDGED
Driver in 'Kill Bill' ELLE
Early morning hr ONEAM
Employed USED
Employee assisting a 42 Down ORDERLY
Emulated APED
Ends of liners STERNS
Energy drink made by National Beverage RIPIT
Exposes, as a villain's secret identity UNMASKS
Express disdain JEER
Face on Facebook, e.g EMOJI
Ferrell's role in SNL's 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' TREBEK
Field for some clerks LAW
Final Olds model ALERO
First woman to serve as attorney general RENO
Gilliam of 'The Wire' SETH
Given the boot AXED
Great Basin people UTE
Green ring, perhaps IRIS
Gun, as a V-8 engine REV
Heads-or-tails action, and a hint to the circled squares in 109 Across FLIPOFACOIN
Helps AIDS
Heroine of the Metroid video game franchise SAMUS
Highly frustrated state IRE
Home of MA and PA USA
In at the moment TRENDY
In the style of ALA
Innovative NEW
Instant replay analyst REF
Israeli spy Cohen ELI
It adds spice to sushi WASABI
Knight's address SIR
Landing moment, briefly ETA
Clues Answers
Like erotic film scenes STEAMY
Like rulers REGAL
Like safe Tigers ONBASE
Loud release of emotional energy PRIMALSCREAM
Major outcry FUROR
Mass communication experts? PRIESTS
Massive serpent BOA
Mined resource ORE
Mislead intentionally DELUDE
Music genre that's similar to geeksta rap NERDCORE
NFL team in the 'Super Bowl Shuffle' BEARS
Nice and tidy NEAT
Notes in Turkish ATMs LIRAS
One living the high life? SHERPA
One may be admitted PATIENT
Outdoorsy desserts SMORES
Painter Kokoschka OSKAR
Palindromic fam figure SIS
Papal jurisdiction SEE
Passes along a message, in a way RETWEETS
Pasta sauce container JAR
Pentathlon weapon EPEE
Periods that are often short in fast-paced work environments, and a hint to the circled squares in 74 Across TURNAROUNDTIMES
Pinches ROBS
Place with cabins CAMP
Planet by a wormhole in 'Interstellar' SATURN
Political tirade, maybe SCREED
Portfolio plus ASSET
Position near the rim, on a basketball court LOWPOST
Possible result of a tie? KNOT
Program shortcuts MACROS
Purchase in a Kolkata clothing store SARI
Referendum selection YES
Relaxing like privates ATEASE
Remove, as files ERASE
Require a sick day AIL
Rock bassist Brown REX
Roman robe TOGA
Sales agent, for short REP
Sample some soup, say TASTE
Sandwich served on rye REUBEN
Sections AREAS
See 1 Down STEREO
See 47 Across EATER
Seer's skill, allegedly ESP
Senseless INANE
Site of many presidential news conferences ROSEGARDEN
Soft sweater stuff CASHMERE
Some chocolate cakes TORTES
Something on a dessert menu ... or in your hair MOUSSE
Specialist in childbirth and prenatal care NURSEMIDWIFE
Spot for a luau ISLE
Sprinkle about STREW
Step of advancement INROAD
Stitches (up) SEWS
Subject of Carl XVI Gustaf SWEDE
Subway Series-winning manager in 2000 TORRE
Tiny arthropod MITE
Tootling instruments FIFES
Trails in the woods PATHS
Tubes with electrodes DIODES
Upper crust makeup NOBLES
Waters by Aqaba REDSEA
Weasel family beasts STOATS
Wedding purchase GOWN
When many people give up? LENT
Winter Palace rulers TSARS
With 130 Across, dark wizard in the Harry Potter universe DEATH
With 59 Across, source of auto tunes CAR
___ Howard, first African American to play for the Yankees ELSTON
___ Mateo SAN
___ Wednesday ASH