Universal - Jan 18 2020

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Clues Answers
"Como ___?" ESTA
"One more thing ..." ALSO
"Thank U, Next" singer Grande ARIANA
Aspirin target PAIN
Bear who says "Wocka Wocka!" FOZZIE
Birdie plus one PAR
Buys, like a script OPTIONS
Circumference segment ARC
Color of Rudolph's nose RED
Color TV pioneer RCA
Column next to Sun., maybe MON
Crush, e.g SODA
Dazzles AWES
Destroy, in remodeling slang DEMO
DJ's mixes MASHUPS
Duke's athletic org ACC
Early word for many DADA
Eschew a breeder, say ADOPT
Eve's partner ADAM
Ewe's sound BAA
Fish such as koi CARP
Greets enthusiastically HAILS
Hardworking insect ANT
HBO competitor, for short SHO
Helfer of "Battlestar Galactica" TRICIA
Hosp. section ICU
Hunter seen at night ORION
Installs, as circuitry WIRES
It contains Copy EDITMENU
It holds liner notes CDCASE
Japanese dish with thinly sliced fish SASHIMI
Jim Anderson's "family" show FATHERKNOWSBEST
Juice box brand HIC
Kitty, in poker POT
Kody Brown's "family" show SISTERWIVES
Like fake fruit WAXY
Like some mushrooms EDIBLE
Clues Answers
Like the numerals 1, 2 and 3 ARABIC
Manufacturer's nightmare RECALL
Mathematical collection that isn't closed OPENSET
Meat-cutting tools CLEAVERS
Mileage meter prefix ODO
Napoleon Solo's "family" show THEMANFROMUNCLE
Nice friends? AMIS
One has sharp teeth SAW
Peanut butter candy shape CUP
Pooh's striped pal TIGGER
Prado's country SPAIN
Puerto ___ RICO
Rear of a boat STERN
Reduce the word count of? ABRIDGE
Send forth EMIT
Serpent's tail? INE
Seuss character with a platter, to the narrator SAMIAM
Seven, to Simone de Beauvoir SEPT
Singer whose alter ego is Super C CIARA
Small kind of Oreo MINI
Small kind of USB port MICRO
Southwestern wildcat OCELOT
Statues' trunks TORSOS
Steve Douglas' "family" show MYTHREESONS
Sudoku component GRID
Talent for music EAR
Texter's "Don't wanna hear it!" TMI
They're exchanged at weddings IDOS
Turn quickly one way ZIG
Turn quickly the other way ZAG
Vowelless abbr. in a recipe TBSP
What to call a king SIRE
Wilson of "The Office" RAINN
Words on some envelopes CAREOF
X, Y or Z line AXIS
___ John S. McCain USS
___Tok (app with short videos) TIK