- Jan 18 2020

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Clues Answers
''Christmas Carols from Cork'' performer ENYA
''Cosmo'' feature SEXQUIZ
''Yikes!'' OHMAMA
Beverage company founded in China by Germans TSINGTAO
Big number HOST
Black belt, sometimes OBI
Bo Peep's sheep STRAYS
Brown, e.g IVY
Carroll's race caller DODO
Carrot classification TAPROOT
Common question starter CAN
CRT screen damage BURNIN
Cynical challenge PROVEIT
Declaration of independence? ALONE
Econ 101 topic GNP
Forced to quit SQUEEZEDOUT
Fruits, cutely NANAS
Get back REEARN
Help out DOGOOD
Hospital's overhead helpers TRAPEZEBARS
How some fruit is eaten DRIED
Hydrocarbon used in lacquers TOLUENE
Inclined to be diplomatic PEACELOVING
It's behind Lyon Cathedral SAONE
It's often in the hole PEG
Let off EMIT
Light-sensitive circuit board coating PHOTORESIST
Lose coverage GOBALD
Low-quality goods THIRDS
Mailing letters during WWII APO
More than sprinkle DOUSE
Clues Answers
Move erratically FLIT
New tech a century ago AMRADIOS
Noted accomplishments SONGS
Number on some schedules FEE
One studying biofertilizers AGGIE
Order from Captain Ahab AVAST
Paid letter writers, briefly EDS
PC exchange DIALOG
PC progenitor ENIAC
Picture internally IDEATE
Pub pals LADS
Put a lid on CAPPED
Reason for recycling USELESSNESS
Relieved? GRAVEN
Resolution starter THISYEAR
Small ensembles TRIOS
Sometime-shuttle VAN
Splendid SHINING
Starts to drag GUNSIT
Tab tab POPTOP
The Cotton St ALA
They often use axes GRAPHS
They're taken at banquets SEATS
Trade group for trust cos ABA
Turkish tourist attraction TROY
Two-in-a-row situation RHUBARB
Upscale tourist attraction ESTATE
Vista en el Catedral de Sevilla CRUZ
Wasn't serious FLIRTED
Yawn-inducing TEPID
Ys, sometimes UPSILONS
__ mood INA