The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8178

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Clues Answers
Alias assumed name
Commonplace PROSAIC
Fairground attraction merry-go-round
Family relative NIECE
Fast-running mammal HARE
Flammable jelly used in weapons NAPALM
Forestall pre-empt
Indonesian volcano KRAKATOA
Italian volcano VESUVIUS
Item list for meeting AGENDA
Items of fried batter PANCAKES
Clues Answers
Japanese volcano FUJI
Keep safe PROTECT
Osteopath's technique MANIPULATION
Preserve as worthy of reverence ENSHRINE
Quavering sound TRILL
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Single item; one UNIT
Strengthener; pair BRACE
Valuable stolen goods BOOTY
Very small quantity SOUPCON