The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,368 - Jan 16 2020

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Clues Answers
Aggregate's put round opening of petrol reservoirs SUMPS
Ashes following maiden for fellows? MEMBERS
Browse with boosted connection finding stuff SURFEIT
Certain about you French Germany stitched up SUTURED
Crafty, stooping to pinch shilling DESIGNING
Drop of the hard stuff? HAILSTONE
Fish travel on ice SKATE
Force shot occasionally hooked on driving area TEETH
Girl welcomes a tense English artist MATISSE
Great kipper knocking out a cold gourmet EPICURE
Half grand, Queen uplifted governments REGIMES
Inclined to have hard time LEANT
Initially is not upset regarding excessive temper INURE
It's unwise being disrespectful about Republican IMPRUDENT
More beefy mass, one consumed by consumer MEATIER
Morons laugh tactlessly seizing offensive ONSLAUGHT
Clues Answers
Nelson and Hardy's first speech unfinished HORATIO
Old boy reportedly perceived to be off-colour OBSCENE
One lying about securing international portfolio DOSSIER
Part super for 'Mermaids' actress? PERFORMER
Prop having increased intensity in game SUPPORT
Scorn embroiling premier back in public eye SPOTLIGHT
Sees red and scraps conserving energy RAGES
Socialist, without ceremony, rejected left RETIRED
Sponge from a sucker being set up LOOFA
Tested guided missile power at first SAMPLED
The first person seized by robber getting closer MUGGIER
Thick fog seen around break of day MIDST
Vault over line, a fair game TOMBOLA
Warning of endless damage facing Netflix addict? HARBINGER
Wretched end over European Union's accepting nothing PITEOUS