The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,261 - Jan 16 2020

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Clues Answers
A new game in shed where folk meet HANGOUT
A-List Brit sadly narrow in outlook TRIBALIST
Bad person that can bring great destruction TWISTER
Bird got by sailor -- mighty, not half! -- in vessel PTARMIGAN
Cap on the old man in American city TAMPA
Cherished desire? A doctor has it, one needing to get on AMBITION
Dress has fixture at the front PINAFORE
Drink husband imbibed brings complaint WHINE
Equivocate as casual worker with zero extra money TEMPORISE
European worker treated badly meeting premature end SLAV
Girl not wanting a financial backer ANGEL
Hard container for one chopping wood? HEWER
Hardy girl in the empty ship TESS
I'm a monster for putting out economic theory MONETARISM
Journey down is fair with hint of sun breaking in DESCENT
Least fresh beer served in street twice STALEST
Clues Answers
Lettuce and fish eggs -- most important for inclusion ROMAINE
Lily is superior, hugged by many people? LOTUS
Little old colonial outpost making mistake? OMISSION
Mark is male in very deep sleep COMMA
More than one flashy guy passes away -- and must get buried DANDIES
Mum unhappy about article that is printed in big type MASTHEAD
Music and drink bringing resonance RAPPORT
Piece of isolated territory is rented out ISLET
Playful behaviour brings end of old association DALLIANCE
Repeats Easter rite in new arrangement REITERATES
Sausages with palish coat getting cooked CHIPOLATAS
Some dismal sins recalled in religion ISLAM
Step to get rid of a commotion STIR
Tempting woman with dresses cut outrageously SEDUCTRESS
Top music group given external support PREMIER
What is soothing in herbal mixture BALM