Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jan 17 2020

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Clues Answers
A range of keyhole surgeries perhaps illegally committed by those working on the premises INSIDEJOBS
A sad novice confused by dodges AVOIDANCES
Comes to a standstill with record to preserve LOGJAM
Confining the movement of the bullish types in public agencies CAGE
Drawing the inference from new mags in US ASSUMING
Each trip, suspect produced graph PIECHART
Grave exchange of words isn't finished for one hiding from The Sun SOMBRERO
Has an appreciation for what goes into port and its make up? EYELINER
Haunted out of Chateaubriand, or that's what they're saying in Tunis ARABIC
Important person on the drink in Tokyo has the same signature as Louis XIII, for example? NAMESAKE
Incoherent type passed away over small local bar DISJOINTED
Iran isn't part of the Assyrian States SAYS
It takes a very long time for The Wise Guys to lose the head AGES
One needed to leave by gate coming from the embassy EXITVISA
Clues Answers
One of the Greens possesses place in old European capital PESETA
One of those stockists of school magazine gets first refusal SELLER
Penny and Bill tracking legend on an electronic device KEYPAD
Put one's mind to the test by looking into your own heart SELFEXAMINATION
Queens assembled without males? BEDS
Samuel conceals Diana's humiliating cruelty SADISM
Sing, roar? Belt out of military base! GARRISON
Son is out of mementos of old Irish revolutionary EMMET
Stop veteran from Evening Star SIGN
Theologian consumed by beastly type in chaos MUDDLE
Those from the watering hole concealed by elevated Japanese Laurels ALES
UNICEF is to change and it's catching INFECTIOUS
Union-member holds key to golden gate, for example? BRIDGE
What the detective picks up from Mick's reports? The travellers are bound to swallow them! TRAILMIX