- Jan 16 2020

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Clues Answers
''Game of Thrones'' airer HBO
''Hands off!'' LETGO
''__ ideas?'' ANY
+ + + + ANDS
Additional OTHER
Alligator tour locale BAYOU
Amaze WOW
Apt rhyme for ''lumberjacks'' AXE
Autobahn auto BMW
Be brimming TEEM
Big shrimp PRAWN
Book jacket bio BLURB
Bulb box word WATTS
Citizenship descriptor DUAL
Curbside pickup time TRASHDAY
Decoratively laid out ARRAYED
Dinner table tuber YAM
Edison's middle name ALVA
Entered en masse PILEDIN
Feta source EWE
First time out DEBUT
Fixed charge FLATFEE
Fling with force HURL
Fold mark CREASE
Follow obediently OBSERVE
Go camping, say ROUGHIT
Grassland LEA
Grows dim FADES
Hair accessory BOW
Have heard (of) KNOW
In the dark UNAWARE
Innocents BABES
It means ''not exactly'' QUASI
Largest human organ SKIN
Machine shop tooth COG
Malign, slangily DIS
Memo header INRE
Metaphor for freshness DAISY
Clues Answers
Microscope lens OPTIC
Mineral holder ORE
Nag + doorway = trade CARPENTRY
Organic pouches SACS
Overstuff CRAM
Pat down FRISK
Pigsty + intone = strong tendency PENCHANT
Play back RUN
Polygon prefix DECA
Prefix for friendly ECO
QB's stat TDS
Reagan cabinet member MEESE
Ref's accessory WHISTLE
Remnant + hatched = bullheaded STUBBORN
Rescue pro EMT
Rescue request SOS
Rushed towards RANAT
Sail-hoisting rope HALYARD
School event EXAM
Section + hills = bird PARTRIDGE
Some health coaches: Abbr RNS
Some pols, in headlines DEMS
Stir-fry cooker WOK
Subsequently + depend = with candor SINCERELY
Sudden shining SUNBURST
SUV ancestors WAGONS
They're related TALES
Thought while nearing the stage IMON
Took a partner WED
Turntable speeds RPMS
Unclear, as some videos GRAINY
Urn controller SPIGOT
Use a ladle DIP
Wedding announcement word NEE
Where IKEA was founded SWEDEN
Windshield wiper's path ARC
With cost set PRICED
__ Scott decision DRED
__ U.S. Pat. & TM Off REG