The Sun - Two Speed - Jan 16 2020

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Clues Answers
Ancient Italian ROMAN
Anonymous UNKNOWN
Argument puts knight in dire straits run-in
Batman's partner runs over trash can ROBIN
Binding for wound BANDAGE
British arrive at Split BREACH
Cheap fool entertains old boy two-bit
Cold princess with street worker DISTANT
Command in Word erroneous ORDER
Composer bringing rapture BLISS
Defective part in Sandringham is surveyed AMISS
Deny and admit absurdly having exploded DYNAMITED
Digression TANGENT
Direct or point REFER
Disagreement (informal) run-in
Domain REALM
Dormitory BEDROOM
Falsehood detected in belief LIE
Fanatical bishop in attack RABID
Fissure BREACH
Form of rummy CANASTA
Found sapphire at last in box CREATE
Frenzied RABID
Fresh delivery for Brooklyn addressee? new yorker
Clues Answers
Game introduced to American a standard CANASTA
Hand over for decision that may go either way REFER
Husband-to-be receives new money FINANCE
Lines penned by directors offering post BOLLARD
Liza Minnelli movie CABARET
Manhattan resident e.g new yorker
Maverick REBEL
Means to sweep around Ed’s sleeping area BEDROOM
Measure a horse AMOUNT
Musicians given time to dress BANDAGE
Mysterious, posh knights around king now UNKNOWN
Perfect happiness BLISS
Persian perhaps takes in nude show CABARET
Petty or small-time (informal) two-bit
Revolting person in there bellowing REBEL
Right country for Catholic? ROMAN
Sequence ORDER
Small songbird ROBIN
Socialist in surge shows weariness BOREDOM
Some clobbering high ball LOB
Tennis stroke LOB
Touching line from Brown — respected chap TANGENT
Traffic restriction device BOLLARD
True maiden in kingdom REALM
Untruth LIE
Wrong or awry AMISS