The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,260 - Jan 15 2020

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Clues Answers
Arrange again to incorporate first of cases for part-time judge RECORDER
Begrudges lack of parking in awards RESENTS
Bit of grass scouts lost on summit of Kilimanjaro TUSSOCK
Charges on skips for such retail outlets BOOKSHOPS
Cleaner range kept by nameless woodworker CARPETSWEEPER
Free trader should cover empty college houses like this TERRACED
Generosity of types accepting needs intermittently KINDNESS
Go on and on in given order travelling north DRONE
Hears about birds unable to fly RHEAS
Hope to have drive and energy in the morning DREAM
Husband leaving chain rattling in fruit machine APPLIANCE
Indication of complex protein POINTER
Make another judgement about girls going topless in front of son REASSESS
Male ego of Scot confronting his doctor MACHISMO
Clues Answers
Obscure European Community borders with Spain ECLIPSE
Place to keep one good plug SPIGOT
Quality of magazine about Britain TIMBRE
Recall ignoring case of role for elected representative MEMBER
Regularly repair rugs, finding bugs EARWIGS
Short temper SPIRIT
Shut as result of muggy day CLOSED
Sort of deal cards on time PACKAGE
Sort out right measurement for trousers? GIRTH
Statement church intended for broadcast by me, for example PRONOUNCEMENT
Step across certain to be appreciated TREASURED
Substitutes put up with error STANDSIN
Supplier of fresh green nuts ignoring us NEWSAGENT
Wife gives aid to impudent youths WHELPS