Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 1 2020

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Clues Answers
'Bow-wow!' ARF
'Cheers' bartender SAM
'For shame!' TSK
'Nasty!' ICK
'The Wizard of Oz' author BAUM
'This — recording' ISA
100 yrs CEN
2001 Tom Cruise/Penelope Cruz film VANILLASKY
Actor Danson TED
Actress Russo RENE
Antique cars REOS
Ballet wear TUTU
Bond rating AAA
Bottle top CAP
Brazilian rubber PARA
Calendar squares DAYS
Chrysler Building, for one SKYSCRAPER
Combo BAND
Crashed into RAMMED
Crucial KEY
Decade parts (Abbr.) YRS
Diva's solos ARIAS
Drones HUMS
Dumbstruck AWED
Earth Day mo APR
Goblet feature STEM
Honolulu's isle OAHU
Hourly pay WAGE
Like custard EGGY
Little rascal IMP
Lowlife CREEP
Clues Answers
Magician's word PRESTO
Multipurpose truck UTE
One-named supermodel IMAN
Opera legend Maria CALLAS
Orchard pests APHIDS
Payable DUE
Pearl producer OYSTER
Physique BODY
Pocket bread PITA
Pole, e.g SLAV
Ruhr Valley city ESSEN
Schedule abbr ARR
Skewer SPIT
Sneakers brand KEDS
Social group CASTE
Stanley Cup org NHL
Teensy bit ATOM
Theatrical fog source DRYICE
Tolkien creature ENT
Top-of-the-line AONE
Totals SUMS
Transparent LIMPID
TV type LCD
Twosome PAIR
Valley DALE
Wheels of fortune? LIMO
Wilma's hubby FRED
With skill ABLY
Withdraw a statement RECANT
Writer Morrison TONI
— impasse ATAN