- Jan 15 2020

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Clues Answers
''Candied'' tuber YAM
''Carmen'' composer BIZET
''Omigosh!'' GEE
''Thar __ blows!'' SHE
Acorn, essentially SEED
Actress Longoria EVA
Bag-checking org TSA
Baking __ (pantry staple) SODA
Became ready to pick RIPENED
Bedsheet spec THREADCOUNT
Before, in a sonnet ERE
Bunch of cattle HERD
Catch wind of HEAR
Catch-all category OTHER
Celeb's brief film appearance CAMEO
Check the sum READD
Classroom spot DESK
Connection points NODES
Droop a bit SAG
Dublin's land EIRE
Entered a race RAN
Evening party SOIREE
Ewes and hens FEMALES
Film not from a major studio INDIE
Fits to __ ATEE
Football pass catcher RECEIVER
Former Maine senator Olympia SNOWE
Forms of verbs TENSES
Funny line JOKE
Get back to a club REJOIN
Golfer's goal PAR
Got up STOOD
Greek liqueur OUZO
Have some bills OWE
Having the blues SAD
Hosp. surgical areas ORS
Impudent SASSY
In the future SOMEDAY
In the know AWARE
Clues Answers
Internet access gadget CABLEMODEM
Lightweight ascending aid ROPELADDER
Marriage UNION
Mine output ORE
Miniaturizing suffix ETTE
Model airplane wood BALSA
Mooring place WHARF
Named period ERA
Nebraska city OMAHA
Network with an eye logo CBS
Nickname MONIKER
No problem at all EASY
Oath-taking book BIBLE
Obama predecessor BUSH
Odd's opposite EVEN
Overstudious ones NERDS
PC owners USERS
Poker hand starter ANTE
Pop singer Tori AMOS
Pre-euro Italian coin LIRA
Prefix meaning ''huge'' MEGA
Sci-fi invaders: Abbr ETS
Singer McEntire REBA
Tall tales YARNS
Tall, skinny veggies STRINGBEANS
Tearful sounds SOBS
Test for purity ASSAY
Tex-Mex chips NACHOS
Took care of SAWTO
Top of the head PATE
Totally committed ALLIN
Tried to prevent DETERRED
Tropical fruit GUAVA
Villainous EVIL
Vocalist's deliveries SONGS
Was in on KNEW
What biographies chronicle LIVES
__ Arbor, MI ANN