New York Times - Jan 15 2020

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Clues Answers
'Kidnapped' author's monogram RLS
'Oh, gross!' EWW
'Oh, now they're really going to fight!' THEGLOVESAREOFF
'Take ___!' THAT
'Yuck!' UGH
'___ che macchiavi quell'anima' (aria opener) ERITU
'___ gratia artis' ARS
2020, por ejemplo ANO
A.B.A. member: Abbr ATT
Actor Rogen SETH
Ample, informally ENUF
Attacked with a spray MACED
Burnt ___ (old Crayola color) UMBER
Colorful spring flower PANSY
Colt 45 brewer PABST
Corp. manager COO
Crafty website ETSY
Deeply massage ROLF
Do over for radio, say RETAPE
Drying oven KILN
E.P.A.-banned pesticide DDT
Engaged in foul play HITBELOWTHEBELT
Evasive CAGEY
Exactly as scheduled ONCUE
Forested WOODY
Full complement of limbs on a squid TEN
Gangster THUG
Granola treat OATBAR
Hands (out) DOLES
HBO competitor TMC
Individual: Prefix IDIO
Invalidate ANNUL
Knock off ICE
Clues Answers
Lead-in to Man or 12 PAC
Like a really good game for a pitcher, say TWOHIT
Lith., e.g., once SSR
Make a record of LOG
Mary Stuart, for one SCOT
Meringue ingredient EGG
Napoleon's marshal NEY
Nine-time P.G.A. Tour winner Jay HAAS
Nothing but ALL
One engaged in friendly contention SPARRINGPARTNER
Pageant wear SASH
Possesses, biblically HATH
Pronoun that can be spelled with a slash between the first and second letters SHE
Puts up on a gallery wall HANGS
Receptacle for one doing decoupage GLUEPOT
River of Tuscany TIBER
Rob of 'Parks and Recreation' LOWE
School founded by Thos. Jefferson UVA
Secretly watched SPIED
Skateboarding jump OLLIE
Slip up ERR
Smaller than micro- NANO
Some batteries AAAS
Some early 'astronauts' CHIMPS
Stand in a mall KIOSK
Straight downhill ski run SCHUSS
Stylish and sophisticated CLASSY
Taiwan-based computer giant ACER
Tea made with milk, sugar and cardamom CHAI
Tennis great Huber ANKE
Timeout alternative NOTV
Turnabouts, informally UIES
Veg out LOLL
Wager PUT
What has a long history in ichthyology? EEL
___ campaign SMEAR
___ Gay (historic plane) ENOLA
___'acte ENTR