Wall Street Journal - Jan 15 2020 - Indefinite Pronouns

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Clues Answers
“Little pitchers have big ears,” e.g.? EWERSAYING
“That’s ___!” (courtroom outburst) ALIE
“The Rise of Skywalker” role REY
“This just ___ fair!” ISNT
“Thrilla in Manila” victor ALI
Academic’s address ender EDU
Act the vagabond ROVE
Animal of the altiplano LLAMA
Argentine aunt TIA
Asian holiday TET
Beach-expanding event LOWTIDE
Beaujolais bouquet AROMA
Before, once ERE
Behave like a child GROW
Confronted FACED
Connected cars TRAIN
Cosmic craft UFOS
Cozy lodgings INNS
Cuban coin CENTAVO
Dry cleaning challenge SPOT
Dull event SNORE
Everglades wader HERON
Exam including logical reasoning: Abbr LSAT
FDR’s job-creating agcy WPA
Film critic Roger EBERT
Funnies array STRIPS
Gallic assent OUI
Generous LIBERAL
Go after SEEK
Go back REVERT
High point ACME
Honor, metaphorically LAURELS
Impertinence SASS
Interested in trying a little poetry? IAMBCURIOUS
Jeopardy PERIL
Kanga’s child ROO
Clues Answers
Light metal TIN
Luanda’s nation ANGOLA
Madison’s successor MONROE
March honoree, familiarly STPAT
Military store ARSENAL
Move obliquely SIDLE
Observed SEEN
One might hold a dog BUN
Painter Veronese PAOLO
Papal name first used in the second century PIUS
Paper work, of a sort ORIGAMI
Paragraph start INDENT
Produit d’Evian EAU
Put one’s feet up REST
Renders less severe EASES
Revolutionary Trotsky LEON
Sensational plot device AMNESIA
Shouts of revelation AHAS
Sicker WORSE
Sign painter’s tool STENCIL
Sit heavily PLOP
Six-line stanzas SESTETS
Some bike lock parts UBOLTS
Sources of literature PRESSES
Spy method WIRETAP
Tattooist’s collection INKS
The Chornaya, which flows into Sevastopol Bay? CRIMEARIVER
Transmit SEND
Truism ADAGE
Unfeeling NUMB
Wanted poster abbr AKA
Way to go GAIT
Way to go: Abbr RTE
Went off the deep end, perhaps DOVE
What freelancers write on SPEC
What happens during Baltic ballets? LETTSDANCE
Wren’s wings? ELLS