The Sun - Two Speed - Jan 14 2020

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Clues Answers
Almost open a container AJAR
Arab and two Poles hosting a contest SARACEN
Arm joint ELBOW
Authentic GENUINE
Base watertight might you say? UNHOLY
Bide one's time WAIT
Black cat seen in spring BOUNCE
Brown, dark fluid in this? TANKARD
Courage shown in personal column? BACKBONE
Dead right — but not right now! LATER
Decency in art form with spirit DECORUM
Doctor with blade and scoop DREDGE
Drinking pot TANKARD
Eight-sided shape OCTAGON
Etiquette DECORUM
European in sauna developed sickness NAUSEA
Figure can go to criminal OCTAGON
Former Loire region ANJOU
Gifted Edward consumes beer and books TALENTED
Honest ingénue corrupted GENUINE
In addition ALSO
Instrument played with hammers DULCIMER
Joint jumping below ELBOW
Lacking knowledge IGNORANT
Long-playing disc ALBUM
Clues Answers
Medieval term for a Muslim SARACEN
Not quite shut AJAR
Old music-maker spoiled relic with mud DULCIMER
Old province featured in American journal ANJOU
Painter's stand EASEL
Part of immortal soul as well ALSO
Post Office receiving saucy image PHOTO
Rebound after impact BOUNCE
Record in photo book ALBUM
Revulsion NAUSEA
River mouth ESTUARY
Search riverbed DREDGE
Sieve is something puzzling RIDDLE
Snapshot PHOTO
Some anxious to please in bar STOP
Sort of English inlet ESTUARY
Stand by one entering eastern temple WAIT
Subsequently LATER
Substance MATTER
Support for canvasser? EASEL
Terminate STOP
To be important in rugger? MATTER
Unaware Ringo misused worker IGNORANT
Well-endowed TALENTED