The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8174

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Clues Answers
Boastful threatening BRAVADO
Brief role CAMEO
Broad road AVENUE
Cloud in space NEBULA
Eg, minim NOTE
Enter by force INVADE
Financial institution BANK
Fourth dimension TIME
Hindmost part TAIL
House top ROOF
Impudent remarks BACKCHAT
Indefinitely many UMPTEEN
Indian currency RUPEE
Insinuate, hint IMPLY
Clues Answers
Make rougher COARSEN
Methodist WESLEYAN
Mixed drink ALCOPOP
Person proposed NOMINEE
Relating to vision OPTICAL
Rotate quickly SPIN
See; pimple SPOT
Shout of approval BRAVO
Simple food outlet snack bar
Snare TRAP
Solidify on cooling CONGEAL
Stamp, emboss IMPRESS
Unending time ETERNITY