L.A. Times Daily - Jan 13 2020

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Clues Answers
"Figured it out!" AHA
"For __ a jolly ... " HES
"Forbidden" fragrance TABU
"It" novelist STEPHENKING
"Total" 2017 event visible in a coast-to-coast path from Oregon to South Carolina ECLIPSE
Actor Epps OMAR
African river CONGO
Arrange new terms for, as a loan REFINANCE
ATM giant NCR
Attacker or defender of online information systems CYBERWARRIOR
Bakery item Jerry stole from an old woman in a classic "Seinfeld" episode MARBLERYE
Bank acct.-protecting org FDIC
Bart's bus driver OTTO
Beautify ADORN
Biol. or ecol SCI
Bit of cat talk MEOW
Cake directive Alice obeyed EATME
Corp. execs' degrees MBAS
Data to enter INPUT
Diamond quartet BASES
Dr.'s group AMA
Eponymous '60s-'80s "Airways" entrepreneur FREDDIELAKER
Fooled in a swindle CONNED
Gas brand with toy trucks HESS
Gave the nod to OKED
German auto AUDI
Govt.-owned home financing gp GNMA
Guthrie of folk ARLO
Hanks who plays Mr. Rogers TOM
Home state for the ends of 18-, 28-, 47- and 62-Acr CAL
January "white" event SALE
Kiss from a pooch LICK
Like desperate straits DIRE
Like frozen roads ICY
Like Mattel's Cathy doll CHATTY
Made stuff up LIED
Manicurist's tool NAILCLIPPER
McGregor of "Doctor Sleep" EWAN
Mennen lotion AFTA
Clues Answers
Monica of tennis SELES
Movie lab assistant IGOR
Muslim holy city MECCA
Norse trickster LOKI
Not at all cool DORKY
Nuremberg no NEIN
Off-the-wall OUTRE
Old Detroit brewer STROH
Org. for the ends of 18-, 28-, 47- and 62-Across NBA
Paris summer ETE
Perceive aurally HEAR
Perfect IDEAL
Permit ALLOW
President #2 ADAMS
President #40 REAGAN
Quarterback-tackling stat SACK
Remove the chalk ERASE
Resolves out of court SETTLES
Scarlett of fiction OHARA
Send with a stamp MAIL
Server of shots BAR
Soda bottle buy LITER
Soft French cheese BRIE
Spanish houses CASAS
Spew out EGEST
Spot for a friendly kiss CHEEK
Suffix with Japan or Milan ESE
Teacher's helper AIDE
Ten-cent piece DIME
Terrier type SKYE
Toaster snack POPTART
Very dry ARID
Walrus feature TUSK
Watched secretly SPIED
Water heater BOILER
Wealthy RICH
Wealthy, to Juan RICO
Windsurfing need SAIL
Word with sprawl or renewal URBAN