The New Yorker - Jan 13 2020

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Clues Answers
"Do ___ ..." (parent's order) ASISAY
"Trillion" prefix TERA
"Twitter egg," once TROLL
"Well, well, well" OHO
Actor/dancer Bleu of the "High School Musical" franchise CORBIN
Answers, quickly RSVPS
Capable of being understood FATHOMABLE
Chocolate candy KISS
Cicely nominated for an Oscar for 1972's "Sounder" TYSON
Closer's stat ERA
Cover for a navel, say ORANGEPEEL
Curated, pared-down set of clothes designed to reduce "decision fatigue" CAPSULEWARDROBE
Days of yore, of yore ELD
Death-bed sentiment, perhaps REPENTANCE
Dept.-store goods MDSE
Did not reveal SATON
Downsizer's event YARDSALE
Eat like a bird PECKAT
End of the twelfth century MCC
Fond du ___ LAC
Forest fellers AXES
Fruity zest sources RINDS
Guess in a game of Battleship DTEN
Hard parts of Rusty Nails? BLENDEDWHISKEYS
Hard parts of screwdrivers? VODKAS
Hardly rocket science IDIOTPROOF
Haunted-house sound CREAK
Hot-springs attraction SPA
Icy downpours SLEETS
In-person Election Day survey EXITPOLL
Interlocked MESHED
Joseph Smith follower MORMON
Kvetched BEEFED
Lets on ADMITS
List-shortening shorthand ETAL
Clues Answers
Long-ish line? ENDASH
Make certain BESURE
Miss Jean Brodie, e.g EDUCATOR
Morsels ORTS
Mozart's lang GER
Mr. Peanut, to Planters MASCOT
Native of Częstochowa POLE
On the ground, in ballet ATERRE
Pass along a present REGIFT
Points on a horizon STEEPLES
Possible pudding base BANANA
Prime time's beginning, on the East Coast EIGHTPM
Professional grp ASSN
Reddish horse ROAN
Ruhr Valley city ESSEN
Satyajit Ray's ___ Trilogy APU
Seized wheels REPO
She plays Ruby Hill on "Good Girls" RETTA
Squeeze EKE
Start of a dreamer's phrase ONEDAY
Streaming device ROKU
Talk like Marge Simpson RASP
Thames River town ETON
They're in need of refinement ORES
Thin layer VENEER
Third President of Egypt SADAT
Tiara sparkler GEM
Tokyo-based computer giant NEC
Top of a scale? CDE
Transnational highway to Fairbanks ALCAN
Trattoria dumplings GNOCCHI
What you might do if an Uber doesn't show up TAKEACAB
Word of warning CAVEAT