Family Time - Jan 13 2020

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Clues Answers
"Let's not forget ..." ALSO
"Ods bodkins!" EGAD
Banister RAIL
Bend to and fro with the breeze SWAY
Big-time automaker HONDA
Billy creature GOAT
Braid relative TRESS
Bring in the corn REAP
Built or constructed MADE
Carpenters and masons, for two BEES
Certain pronoun SHE
Chilly powder? SNOW
Con ___ (vivaciously) BRIO
Cuts out the boring scenes EDITS
Directional suffixes ERNS
Easy thing to multiply by TEN
Entranceway for a miner ADIT
Expected to arrive DUE
Eyebrow shapes ARCS
Fair constructions BOOTHS
Fill to the brim SATE
Flower prominent in February ROSE
Former Delta rival TWA
Frutti partner TUTTI
Gas light NEON
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Get more than weepy SOB
Gorilla, for one APE
Had shrimp scampi ATE
Hammer target (2 words) NAILHEAD
Hawaiian cookout LUAU
Holler YELL
Hugely populated landmass ASIA
Clues Answers
Iris holder UVEA
Is currently holding HAS
Knotted garment TIE
Like a pipe at 20 degrees BENT
Like desperately arid land SERE
Like many college sophomores NINETEEN
Minus, fancy SANS
More than never ONCE
Name on elevators OTIS
Not before or later NOW
Not out for the night HOME
One of a well-known 50 STATE
Part of a radish ROOT
Pitcher's pride ARM
Powerful bump in a 25-down? BICEP
Producer's submission DEMO
River-mouth formations DELTAS
Say yes quietly NOD
Singer Janis IAN
Skeletal BONY
Sound a pigeon makes COO
The act of connecting again REASSOCIATION
The Beatles sang to love who madly? HER
The eggs of old Rome OVA
The last part END
Things that priests wear ALBS
This one and that one BOTH
Transported to school, in a way BUSED
Vegetable in a whistle? PEA
Way for the determined to begin? ANEW
What many people live in TOWN
Word of division INTO
___ pet (sprouting purchase) CHIA