- Jan 13 2020

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Clues Answers
''I have no clue!'' SEARCHME
''Step right __ way!'' THIS
''Thanks for the explanation'' ISEE
''__ we forget . . .'' LEST
2,000 pounds TON
204 in Roman numerals CCIV
A Great Lake ERIE
Actress Kendrick or tennis pro Kournikova ANNA
Acutely necessary VITAL
Alda of ''M*A*S*H'' ALAN
Apiece EACH
Appropriate APT
Astronaut Armstrong NEIL
Backyard barbecue site PATIO
Bat's underground home CAVE
Bit of land in the ocean ISLE
Buy stocks or bonds INVEST
China's continent ASIA
Clairvoyance, for short ESP
Classroom student PUPIL
Coke or Pepsi COLA
Dance moves STEPS
Doughy side order GARLICBREAD
Dustcloths RAGS
Elbow or ankle JOINT
Excessive, as force UNDUE
Fashionably elegant CHIC
First course with romaine and croutons CAESARSALAD
German car AUDI
Get a smile out of AMUSE
Handle roughly MAUL
Hawaiian 3 Down near Maui OAHU
Hour after midnight ONE
Hydrant attachment HOSE
Keeps out of sight HIDES
Kids' windy-day toys KITES
Kris of Christmas KRINGLE
Manuscript enclosure: Abbr SASE
Clues Answers
Meat inspection agcy USDA
Money, slangily MOOLAH
Necktie securer KNOT
Not a copy: Abbr ORIG
Occupied, as a conference room INUSE
Of the sun SOLAR
Omaha's state: Abbr NEB
One of Columbus' ships NINA
Open-handed hit SLAP
Otherwise ELSE
Outerwear for a downpour RAINCOAT
Parts of poems VERSES
Pekoe, for example TEA
Place for a pants leg patch KNEE
Poultry entrée with red sauce and melted cheese CHICKENPARMESAN
Profound DEEP
Quarterback's throws PASSES
Rabbi's religion JUDAISM
Rowboat propeller OAR
Sandwich loaves RYES
Sedan or coupe AUTO
Self-image EGO
Shape of a dollar sign ESS
Ship or boat VESSEL
Show with skits and songs REVUE
Skywalker of ''Star Wars'' LUKE
Small battery size AAA
Sneering smile SMIRK
Soft leather shoes, for short MOCS
Staircase banister RAIL
Substance in sweet cubes SUGAR
Swedish furniture chain IKEA
Thick, as carpets PLUSH
Tranquil SERENE
Twirled around SPUN
With a flat surface LEVEL
__ Grey (variety of 46 Down) EARL
__ of the time (occasionally) SOME