Universal - Jan 12 2020

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Clues Answers
"Cogito, ___ sum" ERGO
"Famous" cookie name AMOS
"Frozen 2" reindeer SVEN
"I" problem? EGO
"Li'l Abner" cartoonist CAPP
"Notorious" monogram RBG
"The Crucible" setting SALEM
"Vive le ___!" ROI
"You ___ bother!" NEEDNT
"___ Believer" IMA
16, for Elsie Fisher AGE
180 degrees from NNE SSW
1950 film about a silent film star SUNSETBOULEVARD
1957 film about a New England town PEYTONPLACE
1987 film about a stockbroker WALLSTREET
2001 film about an amnesiac MULHOLLANDDRIVE
911 respondent: Abbr EMT
A fisherman may spin one TALE
Advertising sign NEON
Anger IRE
Anti-doctor policy? ANAPPLEADAY
Apothecary's weights DRAMS
Augments ADDSTO
Believe, as an excuse BUY
Bete noire BANE
Bike tire filler PUMP
Bill with round numbers? BARTAB
Born, in Brest NEE
Cain was her first child EVE
Carrier to Israel ELAL
Circus supporter STILT
Creator's representative: Abbr AGT
Dangerous kind of rain ACID
Drops on blades DEW
Fashionable 1920s woman FLAPPER
Films whose main characters go on trips, or a punny theme hint ROADMOVIES
Fish in some dragon rolls EEL
Friendly spirit CAMARADERIE
Get an A+ on, perhaps ACE
Clues Answers
Had the nerve DARED
Highland hats TAMS
Indicate POINTAT
Intro to physics? META
Invention inspiration IDEA
It once shared a governor with Penn DEL
It's often taken several years after the SAT GRE
Kennel sound ARF
Knack GIFT
Lawman Earp WYATT
Look at impolitely OGLE
Magnetite or taconite IRONORE
Mama's boy SON
Nashville-based awards org CMA
Obama health law, briefly ACA
One may end in .org URL
Onion, for one BULB
Org. supporting mom-and-pop stores SBA
Paint like a preschooler DAUB
Parish priest VICAR
Patronizes a bird feeder EATS
Pub quaff ALE
Ruins, as toast BURNS
Senate staffer AIDE
She sang in her family's Celtic band ENYA
Source of a creamy cheese GOAT
Storage unit sale AUCTION
Subway expense FARE
Tiebreakers, briefly OTS
Two-time NBA MVP Curry STEPH
Unbleached silk color ECRU
Walks unsteadily TEETERS
Way, way off AFAR
What comes first in a lab SAFETY
Worm on a hook, say BAIT
Yes, to Brigitte Macron OUI
___ B. Wells IDA
___ Moines DES