L.A. Times Daily - Jan 12 2020

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely!" SOTRUE
"As __ saying ... " IWAS
"Friday I'm in Love" group THECURE
"Friends" friend PHOEBE
"In that case ... " IFSO
"Kim" author KIPLING
"Row on row" blower in a classic poem POPPY
"Well, __-dah!" LAHDI
"__ luego" HASTA
1994 Grammy Lifetime Achievement awardee ARETHA
21-year-old currency EURO
Aerosol targets ODORS
Ambulance worker, briefly EMT
Appliance alert BEEP
Area __ RUG
Bad sort whose second syllable is often dropped HOODLUM
Bible book RUTH
Big finish FINALE
Bigeye or yellowfin AHI
Borders EDGES
Bruins legend ORR
Calendar listings EVENTS
Chicken choice BREAST
Chicken source ... and product EGG
Clear (of) RID
CO rank COL
Conquistador's treasure ORO
Consumed ATE
Dublin-based air conditioner company TRANE
Emulate Columbo DEDUCE
Enticed LURED
Entrepreneur-helping org SBA
Eurasian range URALS
Fashion house employee? UPSCALEMODEL
Feel sick AIL
Flying Clouds, e.g REOS
Fontaine filler EAU
From bottom __ TOTOP
Fromage hue BLEU
Ga. winter hours EST
Garment worker DYER
Gloaming DUSK
Golfer's choice IRON
Good name for a Swedish soccer goalie? NILS
Google __ EARTH
Google __ MAPS
Grandmas NANAS
Half a score TEN
Hall with Oates DARYL
Hart part ANTLER
Hibernia EIRE
Hiker's path TRAIL
Hindu princess RANI
Holder of rays DAISY
Horne or Headey LENA
Impish ELFIN
Incisively sarcastic CAUSTIC
Incursion RAID
Informally formal entry announcement ITSI
Insurance giant GEICO
Intend MEAN
Intl. supporter of the arts UNESCO
Involve ENTAIL
Jazz singer Laine CLEO
Like an enthusiastic shrubbery salesperson? UPBEATABOUTTHEBUSH
Like many characters in 22-Across? UPSETTOMUSIC
Like some ancient Icelandic works EDDIC
Like some cookies OATEN
Clues Answers
Like some court motions PRETRIAL
Loses it GOESAPE
Many a map dot ISLE
Marilyn's birth name NORMA
Matterhorn or Jungfrau ALP
Metric wts KGS
Michelangelo masterpiece PIETA
Modernist's prefix NEO
Mozart works OPERAS
Mozart works for 22-Across OVERTURES
Muhammad with gloves ALI
Muslim mendicant FAKIR
Mutton dish IRISHSTEW
Name after Paul or before Peter SIMON
Niacin and protein, say? UPSIDEOFBEEF
Nile serpents ASPS
No longer fooled by ONTO
Northeast express train ACELA
Off somewhere NOTHOME
Often perpendicular measure DEPTH
Old historian of older Britain BEDE
One in the headlights? DEER
One or more times EVER
Ornamental front ends GRILLES
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
People ONES
Picnic invaders ANTS
Prominent noses SNOUTS
Pub order ALE
Puccini masterpiece TOSCA
Rabbit __ EARS
Red and blue PURPLE
Render nonfunctional DISABLE
Revolutionary Hale NATHAN
Rightmost menu, often HELP
Rival of J.H. and W.K. Kellogg CWPOST
Rosie, notably RIVETER
Salem-to-Boise dir ESE
Search HUNT
Send a text to PING
Seriously flirt with HITON
Shad spawn ROE
Sighed lines AAHS
Significant period ERA
Sleuth Charlie known for aphorisms CHAN
Social activist Guinier LANI
Some online forum posts? UPLOADEDQUESTIONS
Son of Odin THOR
South African liberator MANDELA
Span. title SRTA
Staff helper AIDE
Strike caller UMP
Submit a new invoice to REBILL
Surrendered amateur status GONEPRO
Surveying partner of Dixon MASON
Taro dish POI
The "Iliad" and the "Odyssey" EPICS
They may abut peninsulas INLETS
Tidal influence MOON
Time piece HOUR
Times and Herald, in NYC SQS
Tirade RANT
Twisted WRY
U.S. org. chaired by the president NSC
Unctuous OILY
Unhappily unaccompanied LONELY
Unwanted piano key noise? UPRIGHTCLICK
Way in KEY
Witty exchange REPARTEE
Workplace with tests LAB