The Washington Post Sunday - Jan 12 2020

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Clues Answers
'... and similar things' ETC
'Am not!' comeback ARESO
'Closing Bell' network CNBC
'Coca Cola Cowboy' singer Tillis MEL
'Crimes of the Heart' actress Harper TESS
'Difficult Women' author Gay ROXANE
'Glee' actress Jane LYNCH
'Landslide' songwriter Stevie NICKS
'Seems to be the case' SOISEE
'Star Wars' creature who initially captured this puzzle's droids EWOK
'Star Wars' droid whose alphanumeric name is represented in the starred answers in the bottom half of this puzzle R2D2
'Star Wars' droid whose alphanumeric name is represented in the starred answers in the top half of this puzzle C3PO
'Star Wars: The ___ of Skywalker' RISE
'Watchmen' network HBO
'Well, look at that' GEE
*Group of islands north of the Canadian mainland ARCTICARCHIPELAGO
*Pacific state evergreen CALIFORNIAREDWOOD
*Queen Elizabeth II, to King Edward VII GREATGRANDCHILD
*Screening locations SECURITYCHECKPOINTS
*The act of placing limits on something CIRCUMSCRIPTION
*TV series whose second episode was titled 'Top Banana' ARRESTEDDEVELOPMENT
86 Across coach Weeb EWBANK
Actress De La Garza ALANA
Aid in ordering MENU
As a result of DUETO
As a whole INALL
Attribute ASCRIBE
Avoid capture by ELUDE
Banquet hall platform DAIS
Beats ___ minute PER
Begin to understand LEARN
Below-zero sign MINUS
Bit of eBay search info PRICE
Biting, as at a roast SARCASTIC
Bomb thrower? PASSER
Boot, as a tenant EVICT
Borscht ingredients BEETS
Boundary END
Bounding animal DEER
Brokerage employee AGENT
Carpenter's file RASP
Caught after a chase RANDOWN
Causes damage to HARMS
Chest muscles, briefly PECS
Choral concert pieces ORATORIOS
Christmas collection GIFTS
Clothing brand with a maritime-inspired name NAUTICA
College application fig GPA
Commencement adornment TASSEL
Company name abbr INC
Consonant-free assent OUI
Convened MET
Coolheadedness APLOMB
Cop told to 'book 'em' in 'Hawaii Five-O' DANNO
Council Bluffs neighbor OMAHA
Country rocker Steve EARLE
Cured bagel topping LOX
Dark, viscous liquid TAR
Delays delay it, briefly ETD
Denim brand LEVIS
Dirk Nowitzki, e.g., for his whole NBA career MAV
Display of insolence GUFF
Dorm duo member ROOMIE
Dwelling ABODE
Early education lessons ABCS
East or West follower COAST
Executive's bonus PERK
Fantasy author Carson RAE
Film critic Reed REX
Film director Sachs IRA
Financially underwater INDEBT
Clues Answers
Forensic scientist's sample DNA
Genre that may involve self-pity in rock lyrics EMO
Group at a jazz club COMBO
Group often condemned by populists ELITE
Heavyweight legend ALI
Hemingway's nickname PAPA
Highly respected one IDOL
Impetus for going streaking, perhaps DARE
It's practiced in Haiti VOODOO
Key circulation channel AORTA
Like notebook paper LINED
Like this clue, which is unnecessarily verbose and could be way more succinct than it is WORDY
Lion's ___ DEN
Long-eared herbivore ASS
Luthor in Metropolis LEX
Lymph ___ NODES
Make a deduction INFER
Make, at work EARN
Mauna ___ LOA
McDiarmid of 'Star Wars' films IAN
Metal box? AMP
Michael Cera's role in 'Superbad' EVAN
Motif for a circle of hell in Dante's 'Inferno' SIN
Not showing passion STOIC
Org. providing back pay? NFL
Paparazzi cover LENSCAP
Part of a 'Star Wars' film with scrolling text INTRO
Pegs on a golf course TEES
Pool place SPA
Portion in a pizza box SLICE
Promise ASSURE
Pseudonym lead-in AKA
Queen ___ County, Md ANNES
Quinta da Boa Vista city RIO
Rats, e.g VERMIN
Reason for a $15 fee in classic Monopoly POORTAX
Reddit Q&A session AMA
Refined antonym CRASS
Region southwest of France IBERIA
Rod skewering meat SPIT
Rule of ___ LAW
Salon options STYLES
Second part of an instruction manual STEP2
Second statement of agreement after the first one ME3
Sense of self EGO
Sharing pronoun OUR
Sidewalk art medium CHALK
Simple shelter HUT
Some results of Serena slams? ACES
Spelling on camera TORI
Spot where lint collects NAVEL
Steering implement OAR
Stick in one's ___ CRAW
Sticky stuff from a tree RESIN
Story that may be full of old pictures? ATTIC
Thespian's item PROP
They may be charmed by snake charmers ASPS
Things struck by models POSES
Thyme piece SPRIG
Time in D.C. when it's midnight in Denver 2AM
Ton of, informally LOTTA
Tricks planned by high school seniors, often PRANKS
Underwater explosive SEAMINE
Usain Bolt's events RACES
Volunteer's promise IWILL
Voyager Tasman ABEL
Walloping sound POW
Writing Oscar WILDE
x and y, in a math class AXES
Yvette in 'Clue,' e.g MAID
___ too pleased NONE