- Jan 12 2020

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Clues Answers
''Bambi'' collectible CEL
''Humboldt's Gift'' author SAULBELLOW
''Iliad'' setting TROY
''Iliad'' woman HELEN
''That's a fact!'' NOLIE
Access for ice fishing HOLE
Actress Judd ASHLEY
Again from scratch ANEW
Alpine song YODEL
Apt to snap TESTY
Back in the day ONCE
Badminton and tennis RACKETSPORTS
Barnyard female SOW
Barrel of laughs RIOT
Be abundant TEEM
Blunted blade EPEE
Broadcaster AIRER
Brooch inserts GEMS
BVD competitor HANES
C sharp equivalent DFLAT
Casino cube DIE
Catamaran mover SAIL
Celestial circles HALOS
Chaucer pilgrim MONK
City near Carson City RENO
Clogs that many want SHOES
Cold weather wear PARKA
Common truck capacity TWOTONS
Complained, as cattle MOOED
Completed, as cupcakes ICED
Court plaintiff SUER
Cracker topper SALT
Crop up ARISE
Crowd-sourced evaluations YELPREVIEWS
Cylindrical storehouse SILO
Dangerous nesters WASPS
Distance from a target RANGE
Donald Duck nephew LOUIE
Elizabethan poet DONNE
Ernie of pro golf ELS
Etching compound ACID
Excessive TOOMANY
Expend profusely LAVISH
Falls (over) KEELS
Far from timid BOLD
Film with a posse OATER
Find fault with SQUAWKABOUT
Former Google head Schmidt ERIC
Fuzzy fruit KIWI
Gate attachment LATCH
Genesis setting EDEN
German ruler of yore KAISER
Gets in return REAPS
Green Hornet portrayer Seth ROGEN
Have possession of, in a way RENT
Have possession of, in a way OWN
Heckler's holler BOO
High Court count NINE
Horn of Africa nation SOMALIA
How some stunts are done ONADARE
In plain view OVERT
Japanese, e.g ASIANS
Kipling poem GUNGADIN
Laptop connection PORT
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Ledge for trophies MANTEL
Leeway ROOM
Liter fraction OUNCE
Little bit of progress DENT
Long-established OLD
Longing YEN
Made an appearance SHOWED
Clues Answers
Maintain the status __ QUO
Maritime predator ORCA
Merest hint TRACE
Metaphor for control REINS
Mimicry expert APER
Most born in August LEOS
Most cushiony SOFTEST
Nothing more than MERE
Novelist Murdoch IRIS
Of the pontiff PAPAL
Optic layer UVEA
Oregon's high pt MTHOOD
Out in front AHEAD
Paragraph formatting function TABSET
Pasta shape SHELL
Person from Belgrade SERB
Peter Pan adversary HOOK
Picnicker's worry RAIN
Poet Teasdale SARA
Postal Service symbol EAGLE
Practicing, as a trade PLYING
Prefix for dynamic AERO
Prima donna's performance ARIA
Prime for picking RIPE
Professional practice LAW
Quite a while AGES
Really enjoy oneself HAVEABLAST
Reindeer topper ANTLER
Reptile feared by Indy Jones ASP
Rodeo ropes LARIATS
Scold harshly LOWERTHEBOOM
Scoundrel RAT
Seals the deal, say SHAKES
Shelter rescue PET
Short-term sleeping quarters CRASHPAD
Sidekick PAL
Slip into DON
Small ''número'' UNO
Smartphone notification ALERT
Sneaky one WEASEL
Soapy residue SCUM
Some bucks DEER
Spice crusher PESTLE
Stand out in performance SHINE
Standard Windows font ARIAL
Streisand title role YENTL
Stroll with a swagger STRUT
Symbol of evil SATAN
Tailor's measurement WAIST
Take quickly GRAB
Test for purity, as gold ASSAY
Texting button SEND
Thrifty, in brand names ECONO
Tilt a bit LEAN
Top seeds' rewards BYES
Toppers with tassels TAMS
Tourist draw MAGNET
Trade show, for short EXPO
Tureen accessory LADLE
Turns to compost ROTS
TV journalist Couric KATIE
Uneconomical ride GASHOG
Upper echelon employee EXEC
Vegetable soup morsels PEAS
Vile smile SNEER
Watchdog's warning SNARL
Welsh form of John EVAN
Wined and dined WOOED
Yoga position ASANA
Zhivago's love LARA
__ apso (small dog) LHASA
__ IS PLENTY (speed limit sign) TWENTY