Jonesin' - Nov 24 2009

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Clues Answers
"Alice's Restaurant" singer Arlo GUTHRIE
"Around the Horn" network ESPN
"It's a Wonderful Life" director Frank CAPRA
"Major" constellation URSA
"Now I've got it!" OHO
"Supernanny" network ABC
"The Girl You Lost to Cocaine" singer SIA
"This guy walks into ___..." ABAR
"Worship at Red Rocks" musician John TESH
"___, ya think?" GEE
Abbr. after a lawyer's name ESQ
Actor Shepard of "Baby Mama" DAX
Actress Elizabeth of "Nothing Like the Holidays" PENA
Analysis named after statistician Sir Ronald Fisher FTEST
Boxing maneuver JAB
Cocoa ___ (cereal brand) PUFFS
Comedy staple that goes "splat" PIE
Condiment most often used by the Dutch with their fries MAYONNAISE
Cub Scout symbol of wisdom AKELA
Diarist Samuel PEPYS
Director Jim Jarmusch's grad school alma mater NYU
Dizzy Gillespie's genre BOP
Dog at the end of "Family Ties" credits UBU
Effects used in computer-animated movies, for short CGI
EMT's skill CPR
Exercise in the park JOG
Fast food dessert that some kids insist on dipping their fries in WENDYSFROSTY
Filled Jewish delicacy KNISH
Foolish INANE
Football field figures REFS
Former Portland Trail Blazer Ramón RAMOS
Friendly AMIABLE
Garden pest SLUG
Garnish that some upscale fries at Chicago restaurant mk are served with TRUFFLECREAM
Genre for Gary Glitter GLAMROCK
Get up ARISE
Gp. that regulates carry-on luggage TSA
Group that specializes in Model Ts or T-Birds, e.g. CARCLUB
Heart monitor readout, for short (var.) ECG
Ingredient served with fries and brown gravy in the Canadian dish poutine CHEESECURDS
Insurance co. with a duck mascot AFLAC
Clues Answers
Insurance company headquartered in Rhode Island AMICA
Internet connection via landline DSL
Inventor Jethro and namesakes TULLS
Jazz band's playlist SET
Leather sharpener used in old-timey barber shops STROP
Like a chimney sweep's clothes SOOTY
Little Labrador PUP
Lose one's marbles GOBANANAS
Militant gp. that opposed the Oslo Accords PLF
Miss America wear SASH
MSNBC anchor Monica NOVOTNY
Navajo police detective Jim in a Tony Hillerman series CHEE
Nighttime bird OWL
Olympics chant USA
Overabundances SURFEITS
Pashto speakers AFGHANS
Perfume company with fragrances from Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez COTY
Put in office ELECT
Reaches for GRABSAT
Read retinas SCAN
Reptilian warning SSS
Reverent feeling AWE
Rich, peppery salad green ARUGULA
Scantron answer, perhaps TRUE
Sch. with a branch in Tulsa OSU
Scrooge's kvetch BAH
Seasoning option for fries at the Japanese fast food restaurant First Kitchen CHICKENSOUP
Sensed FELT
Sounding like a sheep BAAING
Stash away money SAVE
Story line's path ARC
Tech support subsidiary of Best Buy GEEKSQUAD
The tiniest bit of evidence? DNA
Therefore ERGO
Twists around SKEWS
Ultraliberal's place on the political spectrum FARLEFT
Vulcan, e.g. GOD
Wedding rental TUX
Worn-down pencils NUBS