The Washington Post - Jan 9 2020

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Clues Answers
'A Legacy of Spies' author LECARRE
'Cut it out!' DONT
'Fiddler' meddler YENTE
'I like that' NICE
'My Friend' title horse FLICKA
'The Da Vinci Code' priory SION
'The Joy Luck Club' novelist AMYTAN
'Top Chef' host Lakshmi PADMA
'You said it!' AMEN
Big musical number ... or what 60-Across is to four puzzle answers? SHOWSTOPPER
Catchall abbr MISC
Chemistry Nobelist Otto HAHN
Club condiment MAYO
Coffee holder CUP
Con __: briskly MOTO
Cool beans or warm fuzzies IDIOM
Coral creatures POLYPS
Cutthroat, as competition FIERCE
Dash attachment CAM
Deca- minus two OCTA
Dramatic accusation ETTU
Droop SAG
Eat in style DINE
Eco-friendly certification letters LEED
Fire sign FLAMES
Flippancy LEVITY
GPS part: Abbr SYST
Great Lake city ERIE
Gumbo pod OKRA
Hermana de la madre TIA
Hosp. area ICU
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kosher food carrier ELAL
Lawn game BOCCE
Makes a mess of FOULSUP
Mambo legend Tito PUENTE
Martini default GIN
MC alternative AMEX
Clues Answers
Meet-__: romcom device CUTE
Member of a 1990s girl group SCARYSPICE
Musical awarded a special Pulitzer in 1944 OKLAHOMA
Musical featuring ABBA songs MAMMAMIA
Musical revue performed in the nude OHCALCUTTA
Musical whose first run won 10 Tony Awards HELLODOLLY
NATO founding member USA
Nutella, e.g SPREAD
Paris transit METRO
Philosopher __-tzu LAO
Pithy saying MAXIM
Pool tool CUE
Preserve, in a way EMBALM
Propaganda battle PSYWAR
Pungent ACRID
Radius neighbor ULNA
Refill a glass, say POUR
Rodeo performer ROPER
Short rest NAP
Sketchbooks PADS
Smart __ ALECK
Spa sigh AHH
St. Teresa's town AVILA
Supervillain Luthor LEX
Syrian city ALEPPO
T'ai __ CHI
Tablet named for an organ TUMS
Tapped-off remnant ASH
Tarzan raisers APES
The Curies, e.g PHYSICISTS
Thread holder SPOOL
Wonder Woman topper TIARA
Word for a woman SHE
Word for men LADS
Yoga pose ASANA
Zaps for dinner NUKES
__ B: 9-Down's professional name MEL