The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1523

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Clues Answers
A learner, individual without any classmates? ALONE
A number show anger outside church in American port ANCHORAGE
All getting excited in some short race SLALOM
Argue concerning a member of the family REASON
Fate of man with wicked wife LOT
Faulty fence — it I'd replaced DEFICIENT
Fierce girl enthralling any number VIOLENT
Harmony when worker's organisation accepts old Bob UNISON
In the morning fellow is found in capital city AMMAN
King to behave theatrically to get control REMOTE
Maybe tense people beset by its forebodings PRESENTIMENTS
New fashion, the latest from our collection MODERN
Clues Answers
Not strict? That is forbidden ultimately in period of austerity LENIENT
One missed wandering around American city des moines
One odd curtain out of place with clashing colours? UNCOORDINATED
Poem about senior member who participates in cricket? FIELDER
Recommends lawyers ADVOCATES
Sailor losing heart, away getting fish TROUT
Something flowery one man replanted to cover middle of bed ANEMONE
Talks about river, providing maps CHARTS
Tree found in Angel Meadow ELM
Type to keep quiet in game SPORT
What sounds like rough plan of action COURSE
What’s held by raja’s perfect gemstone JASPER