Irish Times (Simplex) - Jan 9 2020

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Clues Answers
Acknowledgment of the truth of something ADMISSION
Allotted portion RATION
Any one of two EITHER
Area around the North Pole ARCTIC
Artist's studio ATELIER
Border, rim EDGE
Brought to bear, influence perhaps EXERTED
Bundles of fibres in the body NERVES
Coming to agreeable terms SETTLING
Decrease, lessen DIMINISH
Dispersed, strewn about SCATTERED
Equine housing STABLE
Exactly, without vagueness PRECISELY
Grass cultivated for food CEREAL
Have in mind to do INTEND
Intangible essence emanating from a person AURA
Levels, grades or social classes STRATA
Long narrow French loaf BAGUETTE
Clues Answers
Not based on fact, unreal IMAGINARY
Part of a bird's plumage FEATHER
Placed in a grave INTERRED
Put the tennis ball in play SERVE
Regular payment for work SALARY
Reseller of tickets at a profit TOUT
Sea-shores COASTS
Sections of a journey or course LEGS
Shed them in sadness TEARS
Sixteen of these to a lb OUNCES
Smooth cream of liquidized or crushed fruit or vegetables PUREE
Stops, refrains from DESISTS
They occur at force 10 or 11 on the Beaufort scale STORMS
To a certain extent RATHER
To be all these is to be clumsy THUMBS
Toy bear TEDDY
Upper chamber of the heart ATRIUM
Walking about, perhaps impatiently PACING