Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 27 2020

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Clues Answers
'Believe — not!' ITOR
'For shame!' TSK
'Have — day!' ANICE
'Mangia!' EAT
'— It Romantic?' ISNT
'— so fast!' NOT
Actress Falco EDIE
And so on (Abbr.) ETC
Bathroom, to a Londoner LOO
Becomes narrower TAPERS
Bygone jets SSTS
Cooking fuel GAS
Corn serving EAR
Cowboy's rope LARIAT
Crazy NUTS
Cry of pain YEOW
Deck in the ring KNOCKOUT
Declare AVER
Drench WET
Edison's middle name ALVA
Egyptian deity ISIS
English channel? BBC
Environment-related ECOLOGIC
Family girls NIECES
Fanatic MANIAC
Freudian conscience SUPEREGO
Getting on AGING
GI's mess assignment KPDUTY
Goya's duchess ALBA
Grow weary TIRE
Icky stuff GLOP
Clues Answers
Inter — ALIA
Japanese noodle UDON
Jazzy style BOP
King, in Cannes ROI
Lake of Lombardy COMO
Landlocked Mideast territory WESTBANK
Least cordial ICIEST
Marathoner's stat TIME
Mint product COIN
Must have NEED
Next in line ONDECK
Nobel Prize subj ECON
Obstruction BLOCKAGE
Part of MPH PER
Pencil alternative INKPEN
Petty peeve NIT
Pitch TOSS
Points of view OPINIONS
Property claim LIEN
Recognized KNEW
Scandalous SHOCKING
Sir's partner MAAM
Sneeze syllable CHOO
Soup cooker STOCKPOT
Summer hrs DST
Teen hangout MALL
Upper limit CAP
Zilch NONE
— -Seltzer ALKA
— Claire, Wisc EAU